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Oro art by Gbenle Maverick

Indie Comics Spotlight: Oro #1-3, African Myth-Inspired Gritty Action

Oro is an immortal being who lives outside a village. Death has returned to that village in form of a demon named Omooku. Oro believes that he killed Omooku hundreds of years ago. Plus, a malicious man called only “the Doctor” has also mysteriously returned after being executed in 1973. What is happening to this […]

blood will have blood indie comic

Indie Comic Spotlight Review: Undead Western ‘Blood Will Have Blood’

A transient outlaw is recruited by the local sheriff of a small Wild West town. The sheriff is putting together a party to look for a band of cattle-killers. However, this isn’t a normal band of killers and thieves. There is something else going on here. The posse’s search starts off bad and only gets […]