The Christopher Nolan 4K Box Set Is Unreal, In The Best Ways

Director Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist, and the majority of his films show this. We recently upgraded our home theater system to a 7.1.2, specifically in order to really appriciate the wide range of things being offered on 4K Ultra HD, like the Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan 4K/Blu Ray box set collection. The 21 disc set contains Nolan’s […]

Christopher Nolan Films 4k

Christopher Nolan Films, Including The Dark Knight Trilogy, Coming To 4K

Christopher Nolan films are made for 4K Blu-ray. Available December 19th, seven of the acclaimed director’s films will hit the ultra-high definition platform. Each will be available individually and also collected in a huge box set. This will include all three films in his Dark Knight trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark […]

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer Live, The Composer’s Orchestral Rock Concert

One of the many joys in a reviewer’s life centers on composers and their film scores, few more iconic than Hans Zimmer. Such a rich and storied list of movies and projects have featured scores written by Zimmer over the past 33 years. Imagine the possibility of seeing pieces from Crimson Tide, The Da Vinci Code, and Sherlock Holmes […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Keeps Banging On

Joseph Gordon-Levitt set up and played drums on a subway platform for his Everyday, Spectactular project. It was posted to Hit Record’s Youtube page, that is the production company that the star of the upcoming Snowden film started. Gordon-Levitt has been around the pop culture for years staring with 3rd Rock from the Sun and […]

Warner Bros. Sets Christopher Nolan’s Next Film For 2017

Offering no other details, Warner Bros. has announced a release date for director Christopher Nolan‘s next film, according to Variety. Set for a July 21st, 2017 opening, it joins Pitch Perfect 3, Luc Besson‘s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and an untitled animated film from Fox. Nolan has been an important asset […]

First Trailer For Genndy Tartakovsky’s Hotel Transylvania

The first feature length animation from Samurai Jack‘s Genndy Tartakovsky is an Adam Sandler movie with a good handful of Sandler’s usual crew in supporting roles. For some reason I’m put in mind of that shot at the end of Inception where you just can’t tell if the spinning top is going to fall over […]

Trailer For This Week’s Inception-Inspired Simpsons Episode

Fresh from their Game of Thrones triumph, The Simpsons will this week go inside Homer Simpson’s brain for an episode inspired by Inception. Here’s the trailer. As you might imagine, this isn’t the first time Springfield has taken on Inception influences. Here’s a clip a season 22 episode: Very droll. The new episode is screening […]

Inception And Doctor Who Win At The Hugo Awards

Some moving images won prizes at the Hugo Awards last night. Taking the prize for ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form’ was a little film called Inception, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Oh well. I was rooting for Never Let Me Go, of course. The prize for ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form’ went to Doctor […]

Inception In Sixty Seconds And In Victorian Paper Cut Outs

Here is a version of Inception that even our resident film writer Brendon Connelly might appreciate, in that it’s over in a lot less time. And has animation reminicent of his god Terry Gilliam. I’m sure he’ll be along soon to confirm but for now, here is Wolfgang Matzl‘s entry to the Done In 60 […]


Inception Might Be Getting Converted To 3D, And Wrath Of The Titans Certainly Is

Despite everything cinematographer Wally Pfister and director Chris Nolan have said about 3D, it seems that their most recent collaboration, the fanboy favourite Inception, could be getting a re-release in stereovision. This is according to Jonathan Liebesman, director of Battle: Los Angeles and the upcoming Clash sequel, Wrath of the Titans. Speaking to Collider, Liebesman […]

Cinematographer Roger Deakins Shooting New Bond Film, Probably Digitally

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool I love it when filmmakers play coy. They let something slip, then they try to be vague about it, as if nobody listening caught on. It happened not too long ago with Inception and The Dark Knight cinematographer Wally Pfister and the whole Catwoman incident. And now it’s happening […]

IMDB Users’ Top 25 Movies And Movie Stars Of 2010

If you have an IMDB log in (I do, but I’ve barely ever done anything with it) then you can go beyond just looking up That One Guy and everything he’s ever done and give your own star-rating to the films. At year’s end, the IMDB have just revealed 2010’s most appreciated films by the […]

Chris Nolan Vs. Alain Resnais In The Battle Of The Movie Maps

Here’s Chris Nolan’s map of the dream-skipping semi-continuity of Inception. And here’s Alain Resnais’ map of the sliced-n-diced chronology of Last Year at Marienbad. Seems that the debts owed to Marienbad by Mr. Nolan and his Inception cohort don’t just stop at what we see on screen. I’m tagging this as a Swipe File even […]

Chris Nolan Planning Inception Videogame (And Writing Batman 3)

Don’t spread yourself too thin, Mr. Nolan. We wouldn’t want you to become transparent. Speaking to press in Italy, ahead of Inception‘s release there this weekend, Christopher Nolan has given something of a status update on his current projects. Yes, he’s writing another Batman, which is still to be officially greenlit (of course). Nolan even […]

The Science of Inception

Are the events portrayed in the film Inception even remotely possible, in any respect? Your immediate gut answer probably depends on your interpretation of the film and how much of it you think can be taken on face value. The New Scientist, inspired by the film, have set out to answer the following questions: Is […]