Countdown to Avengers: Infinity War – Jonathan Hickman's Infinity

For the final installment of Bleeding Cool's Countdown to Avengers: Infinity War, we are going to be looking at the story which the film seems to be taking most of its inspiration: Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena, and Dustin Weaver. Not only was this a story that I read as it first […]

Baking Our Minds: Growing Up in the New World Order

I was recently sent a copy of Growing Up in the New World Order, a light graphic novel written by Tom Hoover and illustrated by Michael Lee. I know you're not supposed to judge a book by a cover, but I couldn't help but do so. It features a young boy, the classic Illuminati pairing […]

Jughead And The Illuminati? Archie And Sonic For FCBD2016

I'm reading a bunch of comics coming out for Free Comic Book Day ahead of release. Beginning with Archie Comics, which reprints the Mark Waid/Fiona Staples Archie Comics #1, which genuinely was the freshest, most vibrant and appealing version of the Archie world I had ever been exposed to… Until I read the Riverdale pilot […]

Marvel Comics Challenged Over Their Illuminati Trademark

Recently Marvel attempted to register the word "Illuminati" for its comic book line. It's a name they have used in recent years and have just launched a comic under that title, featuring the bad guys of the Marvel Universe teaming together under the leadership of The Hood. Who would oppose such a registration? The real […]

Did We Just Kill The Human Fly?

Earlier in the year, Bleeding Cool pointed out how a figure on the front of the upcoming Illuminati #3 appeared to be the Human Fly character and wondered as to the rights issue regarding this real life daredevil who had a Marvel comic book based on him, but is also the subject of a planned […]

So Who Owns The Human Fly Anyway?

There are two Human Fly characters in the Marvel Universe. The first based on real life stuntman Rick Rojatt, who appeared in costume in photographs with the Marvel staff. The comic didn't identify him, but showed him as a young man injured during a car crash whose skeleton was replaced by steel and became a daredevil […]

The Illuminati From Josh Williamson And Shawn Crystal #MarvelOctober (UPDATE)

Today, we have a lot of Marvel news coming through about their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch in October. Such as Josh Williamson and Shawn Crystal on a new Illuminati series, starting in October. The book features what looks like The Hood, Absorbing Man, Titania, Mr Hyde, Black Ant (Eric O'Grady) and more. Josh Williamson's last outing for Marvel was […]

Marvel To Publish An 'Illuminati' Comic?

The Illuminati are the secret society that rule the world. Originally the Bavarian Illuminati of 1776, the phrases has reoccurred over the years, more popularly used now to describe groups like the Bilderberg group, the idea of the New World Order, made up of the most powerful people, controlling us in an undemocratic fashion. Possibly lizards. […]

The Original Sin Of Wakanda

Two Avengers books written by Jonathan Hickman are published today, Avengers #29 and New Avengers #18. The former is the Original Sin tie in issue, as Captain America comes to terms with his memory being messed with by the Illuminati, and as it becomes more likely that they are going to haeto use their ultimate […]

More Future For The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)

New Avengers gives us the future of the Marvel Universe. Brian Bendis recently described Guardians Of The Galaxy saying " The abuse of time travel, the use of the Infinity Gems…these things have costs." In New Avengers #2, out today, Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting bring us a meeting of the Illuminati and a threat […]

How Black Panther Feels About The Rest Of The New Avengers (SPOILERS)

The comic begins with Black Panther's exit from the original arrangement of the Illuminati back in the New Avengers: Illuminati series. And there's where we are now. Black Panther having to deal with an intergalactic threat to the planet on his own. And maybe, just maybe, seeing the benefit of the deal once offered him. […]