The "Doctor Who" TARDIS Comes To The VIVE Cosmos

The "Doctor Who" TARDIS Comes To The VIVE Cosmos

Would you like to explore Doctor Who's TARDIS in VR? The BBC and HTC have come together for a special event where you can do just that. To celebrate the launch of the VIVE Cosmos, the two will be holding a special VR session at the Protein Studios experience in Hackney, where you can check […]

Vive Pro

HTC Releasing Vive Pro Starter Pack to Combat Complaints About the Price

The Vive is pretty much the uncontested best VR rig — the problem with it is the buy-in price and always has been. However, with the Vive Pro, HTC are attempting to make the initial price gouge a bit less painful. Today, the Vive team announced that they would begin offering a Vive Pro Starter Kit […]


VR Shooter Gunheart Has New Mods, Weapons, and Game Modes Thanks to New Update

Drifter Entertainment has gone live with Gunheart's Winter Update, which brings new content to the VR co-op shooter. Gunheart entered Steam Early Access back in July of 2017 and has seen three previous updates since launch. The Winter update brings with it several weapon changes, bonus challenges, a new game mode, new social tool items, and even […]

Vive Pro

HTC Announces Wireless Capability and the Vive Pro

The Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter from HTC were announced today at CES. Both announcements are set to improve the VR experience with higher resolution and the removal of wires. Because the worst thing about gaming in VR is tripping over your headset's wires. The Vive Pro has a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600 […]

VR vs AR

VR vs. AR: The Debate 2018 Should Settle for Us

VR and AR are something special for gamers. Both offer an incredibly immersive experience that is the ultimate dream of video gamers everywhere, since they both intend to put players literally in the world of their favorite games. For most of the past couple years, VR has been the realm of dedicated PC gamers and […]

Rocket Worldwide Announces Train Runner VR for the HTC Vive

Rocket Worldwide have announced their entry into the VR market with the debut of its kid-friendly game, Train Runner VR. This reflect's Rocket's new change in direction to begin creating more VR content going forward. Train Runner VR is an original, family-friendly game in which players are immersed in a magical world where they discover a stranded […]


Holiday Gift Guide: What Is VR, And Why Would A Gamer Want It?

Okay, so VR clearly stands for virtual reality. And it is a pretty cool experience in gaming, because you basically strap a monitor to your face and become physically immersed in the game world. It is awesome, albeit probably the way we will all accidentally kill ourselves by stepping out of our own windows without […]


Drifter Entertainment Has Given Gunheart A Brand-New Update

Drifter Entertainment, an independent video game publisher and developer comprised of industry veterans known for building award-winning franchises, hardware and gear, today released the third and largest content update for Gunheart, a futuristic co-op virtual reality shooter available on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Drifter Entertainment's Creative Director Brian Murphy details the latest content updates that […]

HTC Announces Standalone VR Headset The Vive Focus

HTC announced its new, standalone VR headset, the Vive Focus today, but it looks like it's not coming to the western world just yet. The company's Chinese website has details on the device, described as the "most immersive VR experience" in the world. Currently there's only a link for developer's kits, and not a consumer-ready product. So […]


Cat Ears, Strafing, And Kill-Stealing In VR Multiplayer Shooter Gunheart

One of the most charming gaming experiences I've had at PAX West so far was for the multiplayer VR shooter Gunheart. Drifter just launched the game on Steam early access, and have had a pretty positive reception so far from early backers of the game. Of course, because it runs on the HTC Vive and Oculus […]

No 'Vive 2' Is Coming At CES This Week Says HTC

There were rumours circulating over the past few days that a second iteration of the HTC Vive might be on the way at this weeks CES. For many early adopters of the expensive tech, it was a gut punch, having coughed up a ton for the hardware already. Well, it seems all can breathe a […]

Space Channel 5 Is Returning To VR At Tokyo Games Show (Sort Of)

I have a real thing for 90s rythem games. Bust-a-Groove is one of my favorite games of all time, but Space Channel 5 also had a sweet place in my heart. It was essentially simon says to a beat, but it had a great style and charm to it that really made it a winner. […]

Brexit Has Made The Vive Even Less Accessible In Britain

There are many things that early adopters have to eat when they pick up new technology. Retail prices before any cuts or discounts is one. However, it seems the Brexit has just made some Vive early adopters a little better. It's been announced by HTC that the Vive is getting a price hike from £689 […]


Fallout 4 Is Coming To HTC Vive Next Year

I've had a go at retrofitting Fallout 4 into the HTC Vive with the use of certain programs, and I can tell you, it isn't a very good experience. Interesting to experience, but it is very clear specific work would have to be done by devs to get it up to par. Luckily, that is […]

Take A Look At The Vive's Launch Trailer

The Vive is officially 'out now', even if it has a staggered release so only those who ordered really early (and whose pre-orders weren't suddenly cancelled) are getting it now. For others, myself included, the headsets are coming later. Not to let that dampen their launc though, Valve and HTC have put out a launch […]

The HTC Vive 'Sold' 15,000 Units In Less Than 10 Minutes

The HTC Vive went up for pre-order yesterday, for a cool $799. The big question was how many would stump up the cash to get in on the premium VR experience early. Well, we have some numbers. Thanks to HTC employee, Shen Ye, it's been revealed that 15k of the devices were sold in the first […]

HTC Vive Is Set At £689 In The UK

This is one for those of us in the UK and who are interested in the Vive. It was announced last week that the HTC Vive would be coming in hot at $799 for the US. Well, now we have the UK's pricing, and the Vive and it's peripherals will come in at £689. It […]

HTC VIVE Launches In April For $799

Well, here is the second domino. The next big consumer VR headset is about to open up its pre-orders, and key details have come out today. It's been announced that the Valve backed, HTC Vive will launch in early April to the tune of $799. This might seem high, but this isn't just the headset. […]

The Vive VR Headset Pre-Orders Will Launch In February

The Oculus Rift recently announced its price for its first consumer headset recently to some noise. At $599, it was a lot to ask, and it set the next most anticipated headsets up, the PlayStation VR and the HTC and Valve Vive. Well, the latter of those will set up its flag in just a […]