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The Hillywood Show Does a Beat-Perfect Umbrella Academy Mockumentary Parody

The Hillywood Show Does a Beat-Perfect Umbrella Academy Mockumentary Parody

I do love the work of cosplay extraordinaires  Hilly and Hannah Hindi, known as The Hillywood Show. Spending months – years – creating utterly musical accurate parodies of their favourite shows, with ridiculous care and attention, funded by thousands of crowdsourced donations that make their biggest dreams possible. Their Sherlock Parody was a standout, travelling to the […]

The Suicide Squad By Way Of Lady Gaga Thanks To The Hillywood Show

The Hindi sisters are back at it again with a new addition to their Hillywood Show's collection of parody videos. The comedy sister duo of Hilly and Hannah have previously tackled Twilight, Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Doctor Who and have now decided to tackle a Suicide Squad framed parody of Lady Gaga's Judas. Directed […]

Sherlock And The Case Of The Musical Parody

The Hillywood Show has done up a parody of Sherlock. The video does a pretty good job of covering a lot of episodes we've seen so far and was even able to enlist a familiar face… Sherlock series co-creator Steven Moffat. All of this done to a write write of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Thrift Shop.

Another Walking Dead Bites The Dust

They did wonders with Harry Potter, by way of French & Saunders. They blew away the world with their Rocky Horror Doctor Who Show. And now? A big budget musical parody of The Walking Dead from The Hillywood Show… to the tune of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust with just a touch of Thriller… […]