Batman #1 Embezzler Sentenced To Forty Years

Last year, Bleeding Cool reported on the story behind a Batman #1 selling for over half a million. The previous owner was alleged embezzler Anthony Chiofalo, who stands accused of appropriating some $9 million dollars from Tadano America Corp.  He allegedly used some of those funds to buy high-end collectibles, including comics…. Several other of the recovered […]

Two Million Dollars Worth Of Comics Found In A Closet

An amazing find. 345 comics found, neatly stacked in a closet, discovered by the late owner's great nephew, in Virginia. And they include Action Comics #1. Decective Comics #27. Captain America #2. All American Comics #16. Batman #1. Marvel Comics #1. Indeed, 45 of what are considered the most collectible comics of all time were […]