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It Is Sunday Morning And I Am Writing Adric Fan Fic

Spoilers follow for Doctor Who: Hell Bent and Doctor Who: Earthshock. @TomSpilsbury Very moving – but he didn't go to all that trouble for Adric, did he? — Josie Turner (@JosieTurner20) December 6, 2015 The Cyberman had shot the control panel. Adric could still smell the burning stench through his overly wide nostrils. “Now I’ll never know […]

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who – Hell Bent – The Series Finale

“You like a cliffhanger” – Clara So we have the finale of the current series of Doctor Who which has, overall, seemed to have gone down rather well indeed. But than I always think that. So how does Hell Bent hold up? Spoilers obviously…. 1. Fall Of The Theories Episodes out of order? No. The Doctor mourning […]

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who – Heaven Sent

So we’ve all just watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. Heaven Sent. If you haven’t, wait till it plays in your territory and come back. Because we start at the end. Now, where were we? Oh yes… 1. The Bird And The Mountain The Story Of Mankind was written and illustrated by Hendrik Willem […]