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Wasted Space Audio Drama Gets Trailer, Release Date

Wasted Space Audio Drama Gets Trailer, Release Date

Vault Comics and Graphic Audio have revealed the trailer and release date for the audio drama adaptation of Wasted Space, the hit comic book created by Michael Moreci and Hayden Sherman. The audio drama, first announced back in May when Moreci signed an extended deal with Vault, will be “adapted directly from the graphic novel […]

Old Man Logan Annual #1 cover by Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, and Val Staples

Old Man Logan Annual #1 Review: Regret of the Punisher

In the far future, a group calling themselves the Punishers run into a shantytown, burn it down, kill all the men, and steal all the children. Old Man Logan follow and finds the aftermath. A woman tells him what happened and follows the trail of the Punishers until they return to their stronghold. He’s shot […]

Cold War #4 cover by Hayden Sherman

Cold War #4 Advanced Review: Far Less than the Sum of Its Parts

Sath and Tikk are in charge now. They seem to know what’s going on, and they have effectively supplanted Vinh. We learn of Sath and Tikk’s past, their relationship, and the organization they were associated with in their original lifetime. Meanwhile, LQ continues to investigate what is going on behind the war, suits, weapons, and […]

Cold War #3 cover by Hayden Sherman

Cold War #3 Review: Interesting Leads Lost in a Mess of a Story

We learn the backstories of LQ and John as the cryonauts continue to trek their way across the treacherous war-torn city and dodge the mechanical terrors at every corner. Cold War’s main idea finally makes itself clear in this issue. The story wants to bring together all these violent people and present their bloody backstories […]

Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits

AfterShock launches a new series this June with The Lost City Explorers by writer Zack Kaplan and artist Alvaro Sarraseca. Plus, Animosity, Pestilence, Her Infernal Descent, Cold War, Brothers Dracul, A Walk Through Hell,and Dark Ark continue their runs. Details below. BABYTEETH Vol 2 Trade Paperback / $14.99 / 128 pages / color / on sale 06.13.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark […]

Vault Comics May 2018 Solicits

Vagrant Queen by Magdelene Visaggio: Vault Comics May 2018 Solicits

Magdalene Visaggio, alongside artist Jason Smith, starts off the series Vagrant Queen through publisher Vault Comics. Plus Songs of the Dead, from Andrea Fort, Michael Christopher Heron, and Sam Beck, reaches its conclusion. All of this and more can be found in their May 2018 solicits. Details below. MAR182062 DEEP ROOTS #2 (W) Dan Watters (A) Val Rodrigues (CA) Dani Strips As two worlds bleed […]

Cold War #2 cover by Hayden Sherman

Cold War #2 Review: A Better Lead Character, but an Aimless Plot

The platoon appears doomed without their original leader. However, Vinh has taken up the mantle of leader, even if it bothers John. Thankfully, Vinh is just as, if not more, competent than Rook ever could be. The rest follow her, but the bloodshed is far from over. We also get a look back at Vinh’s […]

Deep Roots and Wasted Space: Vault Comics April 2018 Solicits

New graphic novels Alien Bounty Hunter Vol. 1, Colossi Vol. 1, and Stalag-X, and new series Deep Roots and Wasted Space are coming out courtesy of Vault Comics this April. Check out more details below. ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER, VOL. 1 Writer(s):  Adrian Wassel & David Booher Artist(s): Nick Robles Cover Artist(s): Nick Robles & Tim Daniel Letters: Deron Bennett Ben Madsen is […]

Creator Commentary – Hayden Sherman Talks John Carter: The End #4

Dynamite has sent us a creator’s commentary by Hayden Sherman about John Carter: The End #4. Hayden is of course the artist for the series with scripts by Brian Wood and Alex Cox. Cover by Garry Brown Creator’s Commentary: HAYDEN SHERMAN on JOHN CARTER: THE END #4, on sale NOW from Dynamite! Hello all, looks like […]

This Is The End… Alex Cox Talks About The New John Carter Series

Dynamite is taking John Carter to a new place… The End. The Warlord of Mars is getting a new series from writers Brian Wood and Alex Cox with art by Hayden Sherman. The series takes place far into the future after Carter and Dejah Thoris have left Mars to mourn the death of their son. […]

Brian Wood Brings The End To John Carter

Dynamite Entertainment is fast forwarding life on Mars to a new place… the end. They’ve brought in the writing team of Brian Wood (Northlanders) and Alex Cox (Adventure Time) and paired them with artist Hayden Sherman (Civil War II: Kingpin) for a new take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs creation John Carter: Warlord of Mars. […]