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Jenn St-Onge, Still On Track With Ojja-Wojja For 2021

Jenn St-Onge, Still On Track With Ojja-Wojja For 2021

Canadian cartoonist Jenn St Onge was exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Harrogate this weekend. Acclaimed artist for Bingo Love, Archie, Nancy Drew, Jem & the Misfits and a Giant Days Holiday Special, she talked (very) briefly about her upcoming comics project, The Ojja-Wojja. That it’s still coming from Harper Collins in 2021. That it was pitched […]

Aquaman Is Getting an In-Universe Prequel Novel

Aquaman might be heading to the big screen this year with his first solo outing but he’s jumping to the novel first. According to Heroic Hollywood and later confirmed via the Harper Collins website that Aquaman is going to get a picture book guide for kids and a prequel novel aimed for young adults. The […]

Joe Hill, Harper Collins Team With Bit.Lit For Digital Book Experiment

Joe Hill fans, do you own a copy of Heart-Shaped Box? Then listen up. Bit.Lit is giving away a Joe Hill prize package to folks that use their app. And to get you to use their app, they are giving you a free ebook copy of Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box. And the prizes are print copies […]