Will We Get A Claremont/John Romita Jr Hardcover X-Men Omnibus? (Sadly Not)

I was just talking about this run earlier today. It stays strong in my mind, the John Romita Jr/Chris Claremont run on Uncanny X-Men. Rachel as Phoenix, techno organic virus, the Trial Of Magneto, Sir James Jaspers… some of my favourites. And now I have an excuse to buy them all over again. That is […]

Marvel Hardcovers And Trade Paperbacks About To Go Out Of Print

Marvel have issued a list of hardcover and trade paperbacks they are expecting to go out of print shortly. This gives retailers a chance to stock up for a final time (for now) and, of course, allows speculators load up on books that will suddenly be a whole lot rarer, with an increased price to […]

Flashpoint Hardcover To Ship In October

For DC this is quite a shift in gears. After talking to retailers during the DC Retail Roadshow this past couple of weeks, DC have brought forward the schedule of the Flashpoint hardcover collection, so that it will ship before the end of October. This month's Previews already have a considerable amount of DC hardcovers […]