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Luke Cage #169 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #169 Review: A Joyous Ass-Kicking Parade

The mine has caved in around Luke Cage and Gonzo Acosta. Thankfully, with Luke holding up half of the cave, he and Gonzo now remember who they are. Meanwhile, Ringmaster is ardently trying to make sure that Luke Cage is dead, as his guards keep telling him. It’s a recipe for an ass-kicking, as Luke […]

Luke Cage #168 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #168 Review: Weak Issue in a Great Series

The prison has been built upon an A.I.M toxic waste dump. This is what gave the Ringmaster his increased powers, and he has had the prisoners excavate the materials to maintain his increased abilities. It’s also been killing the prisoners, and Luke Cage is now working them along with his friend, Acosta. I have to […]

luke cage david f. walker

David F. Walker Confirms Luke Cage’s Cancellation Due to Poor Sales

Writer David F. Walker just confirmed that Marvel’s Luke Cage title will be cancelled after February. We at Bleeding Cool were already speculating this due to its noticeable absence from the Marvel March 2018 solicits, and Walker just made it official on Twitter. Sad but true…LUKE CAGE (the comic book, not the TV series) has been cancelled. Issue #10 […]

Luke Cage #167 cover by Rahzzah

Luke Cage #167 Review: Fun, If Not Especially Deep

Luke Cage awakens in a prison, not knowing his own name, life, or abilities. He doesn’t know how he got there; all he knows is the bells ring and make it hard to think. The Ringmaster runs this prison, and he has designs on keeping Luke Cage there for a very long time. “Caged!” brings […]

Marvel Legacy Luke Cage #166 Review: A Man In The Wrong Small Town

After the events in New Orleans with Doctor Burstein, Luke Cage has decided to take a road trip on the way back to New York. He passes through a small Mississippi town where things seem just a little…off. He is hassled by the police, and a woman in a diner asks him for help. The […]

Bullseye Takes Aim at Marvel in February

By Joe Glass This February, Bullseye gets his own 5 issue mini from Marvel, from writer Ed Brisson and artists Guillermo Sanna which has the infamous assassin setting out to show the world they should still fear him. But the series will also feature back up stories by comics legend and Bullseye co-creator Marv Wolfman, […]