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SDCC '15: Creating Comics The ComiXology Way With Cutting Edge Guided View

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent ComiXology Co-Founder and Director of Submit John D. Roberts began Sunday morning's panel, Creating Comics the ComiXology Way, with an overview of the current French invasion of comic books and sales available at ComiXology. Roberts then introduced Alex DeCampi (Valentine, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman), Reilly Brown (Power Play, […]

iVerse To Take On ComiXology With App That Reads Pirated Comics Too

At New York Comic Con, I saw a rather interesting idea. Iverse are the company behind the Comics Plus app, which a few years ago was the big rival to ComiXology. Then ComiXology snapped up a bunch of exclusive comic book companies, the likes of DC and Marvel got into bed with ComiXology and the […]

The Morning After The Night Before – Marvel Visits ComiXology's Offices

Two nights ago, I contacted both Marvel Comics and ComiXology regarding a story I intended to run, regarding Disney/Marvel's granted patent on technology that looks very much like ComiXology's patent pending Guided View. Yesterday, after the article ran, I was told by ComiXology employees, that Marvel staffers had come by their offices for an unplanned […]

Could Marvel Take Away ComiXology's Guided View?

ComiXology has grown as the principal distributor of digital monthly comic books, is regularly the highest revenue App in the App Store, and at San Diego Comic Con had its name blazoned across sixty pedicabs. And it made a nice change to see comic books featured there for a change. But there is a threat […]

Creating Comics the ComiXology Way

Chris D'Lando writes for Bleeding Cool: When Max Gaines decided to package newspaper comic strips into the modern comic book, he fundamentally changed the way the medium could be used to tell stories. Though splash pages have gotten splashier, the comics medium hasn't really changed much since the 1930's. ComiXology is looking to change that […]