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SDCC '15: Great Pacific's Joe Harris And Martín Morazzo Team For New Image Comic

Creators of Image hit Great Pacific Joe Harris and Martín Morazzo are collaborating once again on a new sci-fi series. The new book will be produced through Image as well. Harris is currently working on the third issue, Morazzo is finished with the first. Harris says we should expect an announcement and solicits for the series by the end of […]

Thirty Thoughts About Thirty Comics – Iron Man, Earth 2, Superior Spider-Man, Bionic Man, Batman/Superman, X-Men Legacy, Batwing, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Fearless Defenders, Detective Comics, Elephantmen, Khan, Spawn, Burn The Orphanage, Happy Kitty, Judge Dredd, The Revenger, Velvet, Carbon Grey, Great Pacific, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Think Tank, Doctor Who, Black Bat, Deadworld, Dinosaurs Attack, Transformers And TMNT Shredder (UPDATE)

Like we said earlier today, everyone loves a drone. I'm starting to wonder why all the Iron Men suits still need to be man-shaped though. As subterfuge? To present a human face to mass destruction? Ego? Or maybe just so Superman won't just keep going through you? Oh Lois, what are you, a sitcom character? […]

Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Three Comics – Young Avengers, Tom Strong, Nova, Secret Avengers, Now What?, Haunted Horror, Justice League Dark, Great Pacific, Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals, Uncanny Avengers, Pretty Deadly, Judge Dredd, Velvet, Infinity Hunt, Conan, Infinity Heist, Larfleez, Savage Wolverine, Rat Queens, Massive, Doctor Who, Rocketeer/Spirit, Samurai Jack, Mind MGMT, Kiss Me Satan, Zombie War, Fever Ridge, Dark Horse Presents, Vampirella, Army Of Darkness/Reanimator and Thunderbolts

Another week, a lovely load of comic books! The Gay Blade does seem to suit the long beard and hair in when talking to a created-by-Alan-Moore character in today's Tom Strong, doesn't he? Today's lesson. When fighting Nova, don't call his mother a cow. Simples. Don't worry new Inhuman-in-Secret-Avengers, there are worst places you could […]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Darkness, Ghosted, Storm Dogs, Eerie, Great Pacific, X, Fabulous Killjoys, Breath Of Bones, Avengers Arena, Wolverine, Nightwing, Superior Spider-Man, East Of West, Peter Panzerfaust And America's Got Powers

The Darkness decides to tell the its story through action figures. Robot Chicken Darkness? Sexual relationships are expressed in a number of ways through comic books today, some more obvious than others. Ghosted #1 also plays fast and loose with sexual politics, with a heist team being put together to steal… a ghost. And be […]

A Comic Show – The Joy Of The Great Pacific

[youtube][/youtube] Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop writes; Hey Fandom! Happy New Year's, here's my favorite new comics now! Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake #1 was gender bending fun! The book is by the character's creator and we have a Phantom Variant! Great Pacific is coming along well. Invincible #99 has me hot for […]

Review: Great Pacific #2

Alex Wilson writes; The second issue of the new environmental series from writer Joe Harris and artist Martin Morazzo hits shelves December 5th and you will want to say you were there when it started. The first issue of this new Image book showed up at local comic book shops last month and presented the […]

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  There are more aspects that tie into Death Of The Family in some of the non-tie books that with today's die cut cover Detective Comics #15. At least on the surface. But this juxtaposition rather fits the themes in Snyder's book… Jonathan Hickman gives us the stylistic illustrations for Avengers #1, a quite remarkable […]

Tuesday Review: Great Pacific #1 by Joe Harris and Marin Morazzo

 Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool; When most of us think about the comic book industry, environmental crusaders are not usually the title that comes to mind but for the new comic Great Pacific we have an environmental story. With the resent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico destroying much wild life Joe Harris, […]

Speculator Corner: Great Pacific #1

Bedlam #1 and MacGyver #1 are the lastest two Image Comics launches to sell out and go to a second print. Here are the new covers, above. But one that is guaranteed to follow is Great Pacific #1 by Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo. Already sold out at Diamond for three weeks, there are plenty […]

Joe Harris To Launch Great Pacific From Image Comics In 2012. With Octopi.

Bleeding Cool already mentioned the horror comic book that Joe Harris is creating with Ethan Van Sciver at DC Comics, Bastardized. Well, we also know about his upcoming comic from Image with Martin Morazzo. With the title Great Pacific its an environmental disaster adventure comic. And there are visuals and designs… Again, that's about it.