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Who Could've Predicted This? Rockstar Games Sued For Ms. Cleo Lookalike

Add whatever psychic joke about predicting the future you see fit here. Rockstar Games just found themselves on the weird end of an even weirder lawsuit as The Psychic Readers Network, owners of the famous '90s hotline psychic Ms. Cleo, are suing the company over creating a doppelganger of her in Grand Theft Auto: Vice […]

UPDATE: 'Grand Theft Auto VI' Is Already Doing Motion Capturing

UPDATE: It was revealed by PCGamesN shortly after this story went out that the information turned out to be fake, and that Neff is not involved with the production of the game. A posting on NeoGAF has a bit of news about Grand Theft Auto VI, the next installment of Rockstar's highly successful series. One […]

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GTA V Modding Tool OpenIV Is Available For Download Again Despite Take-Two Shut Down

Just a few weeks back in June, Take-Two Interactive forced the popular Grand Theft Auto V modding tool, OpenIV, to shut down. Fans were pretty unhappy about that, because of course they were, but it looks like OpenIV is still around despite Take-Two's cease and desist letter. Kotaku reports that, "Over the weekend, a download button […]

Players Have Found A Hidden Alien Mission In Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto V contains a lot of references to aliens actually being part of the game-world — some of those hints being more overt than others — but this latest one is a little bit obvious. Sure, you can check out a frozen extraterrestrial in the game's opening mission, and aliens even appear in a […]

You Can Now Add "Gunrunner" To Your List Of Jobs In 'GTAV'

If you've already mastered the grand talents of being a CEO of crime and the leader of a biker gang with drugs, have we got a job opening for you! Grand Theft Auto V will be adding the career path of Gunrunner in June with the game receives the massive update that Rockstar promised fans […]

GTA V Mod Immortalises Mötorhead's Lemmy

Rock legend, Mötorhead's Lemmy sadly passed recently, as I'm sure is not lost on many of you. The rock world and fans have mourned the loss since, highlighting how important he was to the community. A group of fans are in fact immortalising the man in the way they know how, by creating a GTA […]

It Seems Single Player DLC For GTA V Has Taken The Backseat To GTA Online

Single player Grand Theft Auto V DLC has long been promised by Rockstar, but it has never quite come together. That surprises me as Rockstar knocked it out the park with The Ballad of Gay Tony for Grand Theft Auto IV and Undead Nightmare in Red Dead Redemption. Well, according to design director Imran Sarwar, no […]

Watch Mario Shoot His Way Through Los Santos In GTA V Video

There is something kind of awful about seeing mario with a hand gun. Like a perversion of childhood memories through a parascope of bleak realities, it just unsettling. Well, that is just what this video from YouTuber TheGuitarjammer (via VG247) does. You put Mario head and Kart mods on, and see the iconic character raise hell. This […]

The Console Version Of GTA V's Director Is Coming In September

Director's Mode in Grand Theft Auto V has thus far been exclusive to the PC version of the game. As promised though, the tool is coming to console. And it's soon too! In a new blog post, Rockstar revealed that the update is hitting new-gen consoles this September. There are even more additions coming to […]

This Grand Theft Auto V Car Crash Just Keeps Going And Going And Going

There is something to big pile up crashes in video games. What are tragic and horrific in real life are gleeful examples of mayhem in video games. Burnout practically made an entire franchise out this idea. And here is something for those who like their digital car carnage. This is a pile up from Grand […]

Take-Two Says Mafia III And GTA Are Completely Different Experiences

The Mafia series has long stood in the shadow of Grand Theft Auto, what with it being a crime focused open world experience. It also has the misfortune of being under the same publisher, which in the past has pushed it even further away from Rockstar's flagship title. According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick during an […]

Turn Trevor Into A Terrifying Version Of The Joker In GTA V

Trevor is already one crazy dude in Grand Theft Auto V. He really gave a sharp and wild tinge to proceedings in the game, and while he can be a little on the nose, I think there is actually a fair amount of depth to his character. And hey, why not take this to its logical […]

Terrorize Los Santos As Iron Man In Grand Theft Auto V Mod

The Iron Man mod has long been a stable of GTA. I remember the famous one for Grand Theft Auto IV being a ton of fun so the prospect of it being done right in V is pretty enticing. And someone has finally made it a reality. Modder JulioNIB brings the character to the fictional Los Angeles […]

This Recreation Of GTA In Real Life Is Impressive

Grand Theft Auto has a very distinct look. The way the cameras move, the way the character's animate, the way cars control. They are all very telling of the GTA flavour. That is why I'm impressed with how well CorridorDigital recreated that feeling in this video showing GTA in real life. The camera work here […]

Modders Are Trying To Recreate Vice City In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was one of those games that embeds itself to your brain. Even now, having not played it in well over a decade, I still remember key parts of that map. That is why I was shocked at how much I remembered while watching this video showing some talented modders who […]

Take A Look At This Sweet Mad Max Fan Movie Made In GTA

Just about everything is Mad Max crazy right now. That is pretty weird considering a lot of people didn't give a second thought to the franchise a few years ago. I really like this post-Fury Road world we live in. So here is a pretty neat little video in that vein. Youtuber La chaine de Toto has […]

Get The Just Cause 2 Grappling Hook In GTA V With New Mod

It sounds somewhat reductive to call the grappling hook in Just Cause 2 'the best thing in the game', but really it's just a testament to how good of a feature it actually was. I can still get a significant kick out of playing with the physics in that game and roping objects to other objects. […]