Tom Sniegoski and Scott Brown Spins Off The Goon Into Unholy Bastards Vs The Future

Tom Sniegoski and Scott Brown Spins Off The Goon Into Unholy Bastards Vs The Future

In January, Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks is putting out a Goon spin-off with The Unholy Bastards, from Tom Sniegoski and Scott Brown, with Powell doing the cover. Here's the listing from their January 2020 solicitation. Just the one… UNHOLY BASTARDS VS THE FUTURE ONE SHOT NOV191382 (W) Tom Sniegoski (A) Scott Brown (CA) Eric Powell […]

Eric Powell's The Goon Will Publish Out Of Order

Missing Goon? No, Eric Powell's The Goon Will Just Publish Out Of Order

We just ran the October solicitation for The Goon #7 and the second Goon Omnibus. But it's the upcoming two issues that currently concern us. We don't know how, we don't know why, though we may suspect who. But the upcoming issues of The Goon #5 and 4, will be published out of order. This […]

Goon 2 Red Band Trailer Is Full To The Brim With Swearing

This trailer is… interesting. I remember when Goon came out, it was pretty well recieved. Nothing ground breaking, but a fairly good natured if not lewd sports comedy. Now over five years later, we are gearing up for a second. The film is out March 2017, and this new trailer, posted on JoBlo Movie Trailers, is […]

Goons, Rebels And Dark Horse Originals – More From The ComicsPRO Presentation

We've run a few break out pieces for the new Hellboy comic and Chuck Palahniuk talking Fight Club 2, but Dark Horse had plenty to discuss in their ComicsPRO presentation to comic book retailers… Dark Horse was keen to show off the The Art Of He Man and talked about strong orderdahead of its April launch, and tied […]

The Goon Threatens Shoplifters With New Dark Horse Comic Store Signs

These signs are winging their way to a comic store near you soon, featuring the very recognisable tone of Eric Powell's The Goon explaining store policy and procedures to its customers in a rather gruff voice. Even if that language might have to be slightly amended for fear of offending the littlest eyes. Though it's […]

Goon But Never Forgotten

Dark Horse Comics are insistent that Eric Powell's The Goon is heading back to schedule. More to discover at ECCC, apparently, but here's the Jack Davis cover of the oneshot (June) and an example page…

Comics For People Who Miss Hellblazer

by Dirk Manning It's been several months since DC comics cancelled their long-running iconic horror comic series Hellblazer, and despite the comic's replacement with a much-more spandex-friendly title in Constantine, the fact of that matter is that numerous fans of the darker and more adult-themed stories the now-non-existent Hellblazer provided have been left with a […]

A New Dark Horse Logo From The Goon

Bleeding Cool ran the cover to Goon #39 a while back, and I made a point to buy it as a result. Then, when picking it up, I noticed something else that made me smile quite a lot. The publisher's logo. Go on, lets take a closer look. Yup, it's a plaster.   The whole […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks

Next week sees Eric Powell's Goon hit that regular schedule, the death of Boba Fett (again), Aquaman, the last Blackhawks, the new Popeye, the beginning of Marvel's VS, the transformation of Nick Fury, the final issue of The Twelve, the Footprints graphic novel, more Crossed Badlands, both my Captain American Idol and Scienthorlogy, after Diamond […]

Top Ten Horrific Reasons To Love WonderCon

Ryan King visited WonderCon last weekend for Bleeding Cool. He does like things to get a little gorey. And he i giving Bleeding Cool it's very first Top Ten list. We'll have turned into Newsarama before you know it… In no particular order, here are the top ten reasons horror comic fans should have attended […]