Google is Officially Killing Off Daydream Support

Google Is Officially Killing Off Daydream VR Support

Not long after officially unveiling the Pixel 4 smartphone, Google quietly confirmed that it’s winding down support for its mobile VR platform, Daydream. The portable smartphone-based headset launched three years ago in November 2016. Meant as a competitor to VR options like Samsung’s Gear VR headset, Daydream could be used with your phone to offer […]

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Google Stadia Announces Release Date Of November 19th

This morning, Google finally announced the official release date for Google Stadia, as the streaming gaming platform will come out on November 19th. The specific launch time ill be 9am PDT in North America, 5pm BST in Europe. Founders Editions will be sent out to those who bought early and will be getting access to […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

You May Not Have Enough Data To Use Google Stadia

While a lot of people, including us, are looking forward to trying Google Stadia, a new report suggests most won’t be able to use it much. Broadband Now released a new study into the streaming game service that shows if you intend to game in 4K, the service will consume as much as 15.75 GB […]


Review: KNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game By Ravensburger

We’ve had some pretty good luck with Ravensburger in the past when it came to board games, so we were stoked to try out a new one called KNOW! This particular game is a trivia challenge where you can use Google Assistant to play the game. But does the concept actually come out working alright? […]

Xbox Will Expand Voice Capabilities With Google Assistant

Microsoft announced today that they would be rolling out a new beta on to add support and better voice capabilities for Google Assistant. The company made the call from consumer feedback, and have decided to act on it to better suit the needs of their community. Below are some of the details from today’s announcement […]

Google Launches Play Pass to Compete with Apple Arcade

Google Launches Play Pass To Compete With Apple Arcade

In this “Anything you can do, I can do better” culture, it is no surprise Google responded to Apple’s announcement of the Apple Arcade with their own game and app subscription service called Play Pass. Android users will have access to more than 350 premium games and apps at $4.99 a month. Numerous Games and […]

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We Messed Around With Google Stadia During PAX West 2019

One of the surprise appointments I was able to book for PAX West 2019 came in the form of meeting with Google Stadia reps and playing on the platform. During the meeting, I had a chance to sit down and play a couple of games on the system as we tried out DOOM Eternal and […]

Opinion: Are Handheld Portable Gaming Systems Dead?

We seem to be at an impasse when it comes to mobile gaming with Nintendo dedicating their future on their portable console hybrid the Switch, Sony abandoning the PSP and smartphone operating systems iOS and Android thriving on their platforms. Are the days of dedicated handheld portable gaming consoles dead? When Nintendo announced the Switch […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

The Google Stadia Partners Program Received Over 4K Applications

If you’re curious as to how many people want to jump on board with Google Stadia in the realm of gaming, we now have a decent number to pool for you. PC Games Insider is reporting that over 4,000 games studios have submitted applications to be a part of their Partners Program, through which studios […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

Patrick Weekers of Utomik has Harsh Words for the Google Stadia

Utomik is, essentially, exactly what Google, Apple, Amazon, and Walmart are attempting to do with their new game streaming services. Utomik allows subscribers to stream over 900 games to their personal computer for a monthly fee. While the Utomik service never took off the way that Netflix or Hulu did, the service has been on […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

The Google Stadia will Launch in November with Borderlands 3

Google hosted a livestream today to discuss their streaming platform, Stadia, and what will come with the service at launch. Cloud streaming for games has been the big thing this year with a number of companies initiating what is, essentially, a video game streaming superbowl. Details about the Stadia’s launch cycle and launch titles were […]

Ubisoft Officially Announces Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint & Destiny 2 Both Headed Going to Google Stadia

Two different reports have come out today suggesting that Google Stadia is going to have some heavy hitters whenever the platform launches. Kotaku had both of the scoops this morning, the first with Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and the second being Bungie’s Destiny 2. Here’s a snippet from the report. We’ve heard all this from […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

When we saw Google wouldn’t be at E3 this year, we all kind of wondered when in the summer they would reveal more details about Google Stadia. The company announced on Twitter this week that we will finally get all of the details that we’ve been waiting for since GDC this year, as they will […]

The Game Steaming Service Super Bowl is Coming to E3

Video game streaming services are all the rage this year, with a ton of games announcing their own services, with many planning for big E3 reveals. And while it may not be CleganeBowl, it looks like the gaming world is about to have it’s own special ripoff of the Super Bowl at E3 this year. […]

Google Will Reveal More Info About Stadia During The Summer

Those of us hoping to hear more about Google Stadia at E3 will have to wait as Google has made it clear more info will come at a later date. Ever since the reveal at GDC 2019, people have been wondering when we’ll get to see more of Google’s new gaming platform and possibly give […]

ASUS' ZenFone 5Z Will Take Part in the Android Q Beta

ASUS’ ZenFone 5Z Will Take Part in the Android Q Beta

ASUS’s new ZenFone 5Z will be joining the Android Q Beta test phase, which marks the first time an ASUS ZenFone has participated in one of Google’s mobile OS betas. ASUS is hoping that cooperating with Google for the beta will help improve the ZenFone experience for users, by optimizing the phone for the new […]

Talks to Bring Final Fantasy XIV to Switch are Reportedly Ongoing

According to a recent interview with GameSpot, Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Square Enix is in talks with various platform holders to bring the MMORPG to new platforms. From GameSpot: “Talks with platform-holders has been going on. The fundamental philosophy with Final Fantasy XIV is we want it on labels with cross-platform play with any […]

Google’s Phil Harrison Joins The Game Awards Advisory Board

The Game Awards has announced that Google’s Phil Harrison has officially joined the advisory board effective on March 27th. The company sent out the news yesterday, adding  Harrison to a board that currently has representatives from Activision, AMD, Electronic Arts, Kojima Productions, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Rockstar Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Tencent, Ubisoft, Valve and […]