Goldie Vance

Goldie Vance

A Darn Good Detective! Goldie Vance Vol. 1, 2, and 3 Review

St. Pascal, Florida, mid 1960s. Goldie Vance is a plucky 16-year-old who doubles as a car valet and a junior detective at the Crossed Palms Resort, which her father manages. With the help of her friends, she can crack any case. Her insatiable curiosity sometimes leads her to trouble, which isn’t good business for her […]

goldie vance

Rashida Jones to Adapt BOOM! Studios’ Goldie Vance for 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox is eyeing a potential new family film franchise based on the BOOM! Studios graphic novel series Goldie Vance. Created by Eisner award-winning writer Hope Larson and artist Brittney Williams, Goldie Vance is a 16-year-old precocious and detail-oriented mixed-race teenager who wants to become the in-house detective at a historical Miami resort. She […]

The Hype Is Real: Three Reasons Why You Should Read Goldie Vance

This week brings the release of Goldie Vance #3 from BOOM! Box, written by Hope Larson, with art by Brittney Williams. In case you haven’t heard, the series has officially gone from limited to ongoing status! Guess what? The hype is real. Goldie Vance is a joy to read, and if you’re looking for a reason to join in on the fun, here’s […]

A Deeper Mystery in Goldie Vance #2

After enjoying the first issue of Goldie Vance, I was looking forward to reading the next one. This week brings us, Goldie Vance #2, from BOOM! Box, written by Hope Larson, with art by Brittney Williams. I guess it’s pretty predictable to think that each issue will include a mystery of some sort, and this […]

One Ticket To Crossed Palms Resort Please! Goldie Vance #1 Review

Girl power…girl detectives…Nancy Drew meets Veronica Mars…I’m talking about Goldie Vance! From BOOM! Box, Goldie Vance # 1, written by Hope Larson, with art by Brittney Williams needs to be permanently added to your pull list. It’s just that good. The story follows 16-year-old Marigold ‘Goldie’ Vance who lives at a Florida resort with her […]

A Lumberjanes Gotham Academy Preview At The End Of Goldie Vance #1 Tomorrow

The internet nearly exploded when the Lumberjanes Gotham Academy crossover event was announced, and I’m sure it will explode again tomorrow because we get to see some of it! BOOM! Box’s Goldie Vance #1 is hitting shelves, and you’ll find a preview of Lumberjanes Gotham Academy in the back. This is one of these comics that you just know is going […]

Why Goldie Vance Will Be The Next Boom Hit. And Still No One Will See It Coming.

Bleeding Cool was the first site to call that Lumberjanes would be under-estimated by retailers and turn into a hit. We also called BOOM! Box’s second success story, Giant Days. Earlier this week, we called your attention to Jonesy doubling its initial orders and selling out in a similar fashion. The new Boom! Box series in […]

BOOM! Studios Panel Covers Jonesy, Goldie Vance And Joyride #InStoreKickOff #ConKickOff2016

The BOOM! Studios panel at the Instore Convention Kick-Off started off with a bang as Sam Humphries wasted no time showing us the new cover for Jonesy #2.    From there, the conversation rotated between Humphries (Jonesy), Hope Larson and (Goldie Vance), Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Joyride). The group was eager to promote their titles, and while Goldie Vance and Joyride aren’t […]

The First Issue Of Jonesy Comes With A Goldie Vance Preview

What’s better than reading the first issue of Jonesy? Well, getting to check out a preview of Goldie Vance #1 of course! From BOOM! Box, Goldie Vance # 1, written by Hope Larson, with art by Brittney Williams comes to us in the same spirit of Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars. It’s all about girl […]