More Clips And Images From Tonight’s Frank Quitely Documentary

Yesterday, we looked at the Frank Quitely documentary, part of the What Do Artists Do All Day strand on BBC Two Scotland tonight at 10pm and BBC Four soon. As we said yesterday, those in the UK not living in Scotland can also find BBC Two Scotland on Sky channel 970 or Freeview channel 97. […]

MCM Scotland Sees Small Press Comics Creators Inundated With Interest

[youtube][/youtube] Well, there’s a thing. MCM run a series of comic book conventions in the UK. They are usually focused on games, film and TV, full of cosplay, with comics often as an afterthought. In London, Emma Vieceli developed its Comics Village concept which has been repeated across multiple conventions which has reached out to […]

When Alex Salmond Geeks Out With Mark Millar In Public

At the last General Election, Mark Millar switched political allegiance from the Labour Party to the Scottish Nationalist Party. Normally, the political opinions of a comic book writer wouldn’t make any difference, but Millar’s profile in Scottish media on the back of the Wanted and Kick-Ass movies saw him appear in political advertising, and when […]

Kapow 2012: The Glasgow League Of Writers At Booth 23

If you’re exhibiting fun stuff at either Big Wow or Kapow this weekend, do let me know. The Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW) will be out in force at Kapow Comic Con this weekend with a host of limited edition comics, con exclusives and even some freebies for everyone visiting their stall – number 23. […]

Mark Millar And Frank Quitely’s Plan B

Whatever Mark Millar’s big comics announcement was, it was meant to take place yesterday, from some US company – until he was told that this wasn’t going to happen on Thanksgiving, so it’s been pushed back till Monday. Tonight, however, Mark Millar and Frank Quitely had arranged to hold court in the new graphic novel […]

A Pint And A Proposal?

Mark Millar met Vincent Deighan (better known as Frank Quitely) for a pint last night. As you do when you’re in Glasgow. But it did rather set tongues wagging. Vincent’s DC exclusive deal is currently scheduled to come to an end with his Pax America comic with Grant Morrison. They have worked together before, most […]