Gendercrunching Quarterly, Autumn 2017: Marvel and DC Comics

By Tim Hanley The year drew to a close with gains in female creator representation at both DC and Marvel, one slight and one with a sizeable jump. A closer look at the numbers shows some trends that could call into question the longevity of these gains, however. DC COMICS The fall was pretty steady […]

Gendercrunching April 2017 – Marvel Comics, DC, Image, Dark Horse And IDW

Gendercrunching by Tim Hanley DC and Marvel posted notable losses in their overall totals of female creators in April, leaving both publishers well off of the high points they reached in 2016. We also begin our biannual visits to smaller direct market publishers, with stops at Image, Dark Horse, and IDW. DC COMICS DC’s overall […]

A Few Fun Thoughts About Marvel Now: Divided We Stand, Today

Marvel is a town without mutants. Unless they are Deadpool. There are seven Deadpool related titles I can count. Did I miss any? Mind you, they have also reduced the amount of Inhumans titles, it seems, to Uncanny Inhumans and Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur. Miles Morales/Spider-Gwen is a love match that I’m hoping Peter […]

Gendercrunching April 2016 – Boom! Studios Close To 40% Female Creator Mark

Gendercrunching April 2016 By Tim Hanley It was a relatively strong month for female creators at the Big Two, with Marvel staying fairly steady with their record setting March total and DC posting a sizeable gain. We also begin our bi-annual tour of other direct market publishers, with visits to Image, IDW, and Boom! DC […]

Lying In The Gutters, 16th May 2016 – Goodbye Darwyn

  Jimmy Palmiotti shares his memories, It was Christmas a few years back and Amanda and I were shopping for presents for a few friends and decided that we would just recycle gifts and buy everyone presents from antique stores- the perfect fitting gift for each person, something that screamed out to us what might […]

A New Marvel Record For Female Comic Creators – Gendercrunching March 2016

By Tim Hanley DC’s overall percentage of female creators ticked down slightly in March while Marvel’s took a sizeable, record setting jump. We also take a look at another record setter, this year’s Eisner nominations. DC COMICS After a higher start to the year, DC seems to be settling into the low teens, an area […]

Gendercrunching February 2016 by Tim Hanley – Women Writing Women

By Tim Hanley Both DC and Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators fell in February, with DC taking the bigger tumble and Marvel posting the higher percentage of the two. We also take a look at writers at the Big Two and which characters they’re writing. DC COMICS After a solid start to the year […]

Gendercrunching #DCRebirth Against DC You And The New 52

This is a Gendercrunching Special from Tim Hanley. On Saturday at WonderCon, DC Comics announced the creators behind their brand new line up of mainline superhero comics, promising a return to the classic feel of the DC Comics universe that the New 52 relaunch had been lacking. While not a full reboot, it’s a sizeable […]

Gendercrunching January 2016 – All-New All-Different Figures

By Tim Hanley It’s another new year of stats fun here at “Gendercrunching”, and both DC and Marvel started 2016 with their highest overall percentages of female creators in several months. We also take a look at female characters at the Big Two, and track how their representation has changed over the past six months. […]

42% Of LINE Webtoon’s Comic Creators Are Female – And Half Are Read By Women

Bleeding Cool has been running Tim Hanley’s Gendercrunching columns on Bleeding Cool for years, measuring the “above the line” credits in comic books form major comic book publishers and seeing how they divide by gender. Well, LINE Webtoon, the popular digital comics publisher from Korea, may have some statistics to add. They are making their […]

Gendercrunching December 2015 With Yearcrunching Bonus by Tim Hanley

By Tim Hanley After an up and down twelve months, both DC and Marvel ended the year with relatively decent numbers, with Marvel coming out slightly ahead. We also take a look at the year as a whole, and how the Big Two are trending entering 2016. DC COMICS DC ticked up a bit overall […]

Gendercrunching November 2015 – The Untouchable Boom!

By Tim Hanley The highs we saw from the Big Two in August have proven unsustainable thus far as both DC and Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators fell in November to several points below their past highs. We also continue our visits around the industry, with stats from Boom!, Dynamite, Valiant, and Archie. DC […]

Gendercrunching October 2015 – Dark Horse Steps Up

Gendercrunching October 2015 By Tim Hanley DC rose and Marvel fell, leading to DC logging the higher percentage of female creators at the Big Two in October. We also make our semi-annual visit to Image, IDW, and Dark Horse and, SHOCKING SPOILER, they all topped Marvel but only one bested DC. DC COMICS DC’s been […]

Lying In The Gutters – 21st September 2015 – 100% Kosher

That’s how a pig fights back. By the way I get the feeling tomorrow may be a big day on the site. Get your bookmarks ready… but first, what have you been reading on Bleeding Cool this past week? Apart from Frank Cho sketch covers that is? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. Basically, Frank Cho Wants […]