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The Many Layers Of A Sherlock Cover

Gary Spencer Millidge posted to his blog today that he has two items in the December Previews magazine. The first is Meanwhile… #5 from Soaring Penguin Press. The second is the cover he did for Titan Comics. Millidge did a video breakdown of how he put together the cover for Sherlock: The Blind Banker #2 […]

Comic Stores – Do Not Miss Out On Meanwhile #2

The first two issues of the anthology Meanwhile from Soaring Penguin Press came out in the UK last year. Featuring the return of Gary Spencer Millidge‘s Strangehaven and the debut of David Hine and Mark Stafford’s The Bad Bad Place, it made an immediate impression on me and I was happy to include it in […]

If You Only Order One Comic For February…

…then you’re really not much of a comic book fan are you? But you should consider adding this to your pull list, as Meanwhile #1 is now going to be distributed to US stores through Diamond Comic Distributors (some UK stores will already have their copy). Yes, it’s $7.95 but suck it up. A colour […]

The Return Of Meanwhile And The Return Of Strangehaven, Reviewed

Oh my goodness, it’s back. Both of them. In 1997, I was a member of the Comics Creators Guild in London. I was self publishing comics at the time, it seemed the thing to do. Another self publisher was a fellow called John Anderson, a Canadian, living in London. He began publishing an anthology that […]

Gary Spencer Millidge’s Strangehaven Returns In May, After Eight Years

I loved this comic so much. But it’s been eight years since the last issue of this cross between The Archers, The Wicker Man and Twin Peaks. It’s Strangehaven, folks. That meticulously detailed self published comic from the nineties and noughties, in a English village that our protagonist was unable to leave, dealing with the […]

Download One Alan Moore Biography For Free – And Win Another (UPDATED)

It’s Alan Moore‘s sixtieth birthday next week. For his fiftieth birthday, Gary Spencer Millidge put out the anthology Alan Moore: Portrait Of An Extraordinary Gentleman. I had a page in it. Now, ten years later, Millidge has made his contribution which told Moore’s life as a biographical comic, available free on the Sequential App for […]

Alan Moore: Storyteller – Review By Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool. Alan Moore upsets people. Emotionally, it’s usually their own choice. People get upset that his work in the 1980s made comics “dark,” “serious,” and “not fun anymore.” There are comics readers who find him pretentious, arrogant, and boisterous; elevating an entertainment form onto an artistic pedestal at the expense […]

Preview: Spirit Of Hope

I’ve written a short one page piece with artist Mike Collins for the upcoming Spirit Of Hope anthology from Comic Book Alliance, to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Edited by Alan Cowsill, Spirit of Hope has two covers, one by Jimmy Broxton, the other by Mike Allred. Creators […]

The Bumper Book Of Alan Moore

Today my postman had a hernia. Why? Because he was delivering me this thing. Alan Moore: Storyteller is by Gary Spencer Millidge, long time friend of Alan Moore, creator of Strangehaven and author of Portrait Of An Extraordinary Gentleman, a Moore anthology I contributed towards around the time of his fiftieth birthday. But this is […]