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ACE Comic Con

Stan Lee To Cameo At Shamus Bros' ACE Comic Con In Arizona This January

Stan Lee is a comic book creator arguably best known for his cameo appearances. In addition to cameos in pretty much every comic book movie, Lee has cameoed in such obscure productions as a Hong Kong Disneyland Iron Man ride safety video, The Wicked + The Divine writer Kieron Gillen's Instagram page, a lawsuit against the movie Zootopia, a Jack Kirby homage Secret Empire variant cover, and a Spider-Man: Homecoming/NBA Finals commercial, to […]

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Shamus Bros. Play Con Circuit Game Of Thrones With New Ace Universe Super Shows

Hot on the heels of former Wizard World CEO John Macaluso's attempt to carve out his own comic con territory with Fandemic (as well the recent legal drama between Wizard World and the Shamuses), Stephen and Gareb Shamus have announced the launch of Ace Universe, a new comic con company that promises a "Ground-Breaking Approach […]

Stephen Shamus Accuses Wizard World Executives Of Looting The Company

We've been following the case between Wizard World and co-founder and ex-executive Stephen Shamus. Shamus has submitted a number of papers to the court regarding the suit and his countersuit. Specifically, an attachment order to ensure that they have the money to pay out if they lose against him. He has issued Wizard an order […]

Stephen Shamus Names Names In Case Against Wizard World

We've been following and reporting on the Wizard World Vs Stephen Shamus case being going through the courts. With pop culture comic convention organiser Wizard World initially launching the case stating that Shamus had been stealing from the company, and engaging in fraud. Wizard co-founder Shamus denied this, stating that he hadn't been paid what […]

How Much Would You Pay For The Cover Of Vengeance Of Bane?

Glenn Fabry's artwork for the cover for Vengeance Of Bane, the first appearance of the character currently appearing in The Dark Knight Rises is currently selling for $17,925 from Heritage Auctions, being sold by the Shamuses. Which is only just more than dealers were trying to get for the actual comic book at San Diego […]

Tribute Album Aims To Get Gareb Shamus His Old Job At Wizard Back

Something tells me that the expressed aims of this album may be a teensy tiny bit on the disogenuous side. But ex-Wizard staffer Chris Ward has recorded an album with the express aim of getting Gareb Shamus his position as CEO of Wizard Entertainment back. WIZtory Vol. 1: Rock To Reinstate Gareb Shamus As the […]

Gareb Shamus Accused Of Trying To Get Artist Fired From Their Day Job

The Gutters is a weekly web comic written by Ryan Sohmer and a gang of artists that satirises the comic book industry. Two weeks ago, they took a pot shot at Gareb Shamus, now ex-President and CEO of Wizard World. With a strip that is… no longer online, not in its original form at least. […]

Saturday Trending Topics: Alan Moore, Stan Lee, And Gareb Shamus

Quite a constellation of trending topics for a Saturday, and lots of interesting debate in the forums today as well.  On the home front, a big site upgrade is about to commence, so keep your fingers crossed for me…. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Alan Moore Reacts To Frank Miller – "We Have Diametrically Opposing Views" […]

Gareb Shamus Resigns As Wizard World President, CEO And Director

Did you wonder why Gareb Shamus' Wizard World blog, set up ostensibly to replace the Wizard World digital magazine, recently disappeared? This might be a reason. Pursuant to a letter of resignation dated December 1, 2011 (the "Resignation Letter"), Mr. Gareb Shamus resigned his positions as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company. […]

The Rise And Fall Of Wizard World Digital

With news circulating around the Net about the apparent demise of Wizard World Digital, with a blog replacing it, this seemed like a good time to give a little view of what it was like on the inside. On Sunday, January 23, I received a message on Facebook from Andrew Servin letting me know that […]

The Wizard Subscriptions That Vanished

I've been trying to get an answer on this from Wizard for months now. But Wizard people don't pick up the phone any more, they won't respond to phone messages left and they won't respond to e-mails. When Wizard announced they were closing their Wizard and Toyfare print magazine for a free digital model, many […]