Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

We had a fun opportunity pop up this weekend as we were able to fly down to Las Vegas and check out the new Razer Store opening along the strip. The location is between The Flamingo and The Linq, down the avenue of businesses run by Caesars where you can shop and get a bite […]

Discord To Roll Out A New "Go Live" Feature Next Week

Discord To Roll Out A New “Go Live” Feature Next Week

Discord is planning to launch a brand new feature into their app on August 15th as streamers will now have a cool new Go Live function. This new feature allows users to stream their gameplay while up to ten other users are in their server. Essentially, as the artwork below would suggest, creating a party […]

Checking Out New Items From Bionik During E3 2019

Checking Out New Items From Bionik During E3 2019

While we were at E3 this year, we dropped in on the Boinik booth to see what new wears they brought in, and we got to see two new Nintendo Switch items. The first item on the list was the Power Commuter. This is a reinforced tactical bag meant to hold the Switch and several […]

Game Addiction Classified a Behavioral Disease World Health Organization

Game Addiction Classified a Behavioral Disease by World Health Organization

In a new report sent out by the World Health Organization, they have voted to classify game addiction as a behavioral disease moving forward. The vote was made to adopt the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, also known as ICD-11. This specifically gives game addiction a proper classification under their guidelines, […]

Xbox One X

Delta Airlines Argues that Gaming is More Important Than Unions

Delta Airlines, like many major corporations, isn’t exactly a fan of unions. The airliner put out several posters for it’s anti-union website that feature video games, baseball, and football all as reasons to avoid paying union dues. Because a game console, sports tickets, and a few rounds of beer are cheaper than union dues. And […]

Apple is Apparently Working on a Streaming Gaming Service

It appears everyone on the planet is now working on a streaming gaming service, including Apple. Hell, we’re probably working on one and don’t even realize it yet. The news comes from Bloomberg who are reporting that come Monday, Apple will start to reveal big plans for their future as they seem to be transitioning […]

Images Of The New Google Gaming Console Controller Surface

Twitter has become abuzz this afternoon as images of the gaming controller for the new Google gaming console have emerged. Ahead of GDC 2019, a website called Yanko Design showed off the first images of the controller for what’s being called Project Stream, displaying a white controller with what appears to be a mix of Xbox […]

Amazon Reportedly Working on a Game Streaming Service

One of the more interesting news stories to come out this week is that Amazon is reportedly working on a streaming gaming service. The details aren’t exactly clear how everything would work, but the gist of the story is that the company will use its cloud service as a point of access for people to […]

Razer Reveals the Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor Ahead of CES 2019

Before we dive into CES 2019 this week, we’re starting to see some new tech come our way. The latest being from Razer with the Razer Raptor. We have the finer specs for you below, but the shorthand is that this will be Razer’s first 27″ gaming monitor, which will have one HDMI, one USB-C […]

Review: Razer’s Blackwidow Elite Gaming Keyboard

One of the cool products we got to test out clear back at PAX West with Razer was their new gaming keyboard, the Blackwidow Elite. A lot of the Razer keyboards to come our way perform well, but they also provide different types of gaming experiences depending on what you’re looking for. So what does the […]

Review: Marseille’s mCable HDMI Cords for Cinema and Gaming

The holidays may be on us, but not everyone has a ton of cash to throw around on a new TV. But a company called Marseille is offering an alternative with the mCable. The purpose of these cables are to take images from whatever device you may have and upscale them to look like they’re in […]

Review: Die Hard Dice — Forge Dice – Raw Steel w/ Paragon Blue

Recently we had a chance to chat with the crew at Die Hard Dice and got to check out all of the awesome sets they had forged out of metal. They have a pretty impressive line and we were lucky enough to receive two sets for review. The first ones we’re going to talk about are […]

Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair 1

We Review the Respawn RSP-400 Gaming Chair

I have never owned a gaming chair, as most of my hardcore gaming days are behind me. I still game, however, and spend long hours in front of a computer for other reasons. So having a comfortable chair is pretty vital. Enter Respawn, who was gracious enough to send over their RSP-400 model for us […]

Gamefly Will Shut Down Their Streaming Game Service This Month

Some unfortunate news this week for Gamefly subscribers as the company announced they’ll be shutting down their streaming gaming service. Variety broke the news earlier today that subscribers to the service have been receiving notices of the shutdown, letting players know they will not be charged after that date but that they will no longer be able to stream […]

Dive with Sylvia VR

Swim with Sharks in VR with Dr. Sylvia Earle in Cascade’s ‘Dive with Sylvia VR’

As part of their partnership with Mission Blue founder Dr. Sylvia Earle, Cascade Game Foundry has released a five-minute VR scuba experience called Dive with Sylvia VR. The VR experience is essentially an on-rails theme park ride through a reef in Belize, and while many of the fish encounters you have on the dive are randomized, there […]


Twitch Launching New Community Connection Tool Called “Rooms”

Twitch is introducing a brand-new tool for chat rooms in their service called “Rooms“, which is designed to help better reach the community that every streamer cultivates as they grow their audience. The way Rooms works is that you’ll be able to create specific chat rooms within your chat room for people to hang out […]

Old Spice Gentleman D&D

Old Spice Creates Their Own D&D Character Class: The Gentleman

Old Spice took to their Twitter account this week to introduce an custom character class for Dungeons & Dragons. Now, they don’t say the name Dungeons & Dragons because, as they say, legal reasons… but it’s pretty obvious what the four-page PDF is designed for. The playable class is called The Gentleman and is based […]

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Gamers Face Increased Risk of Hacks from Cyber Criminals, According to New Study

Online gaming is a massively lucrative industry, and that just might come with some new problems. According to research published today from Kaspersky Lab, 53% of people regularly game online, a figure that rises to 64% for 25-34 year-olds and 67% for those aged 16-24. And that means online gaming is potentially lucrative for cybercriminals, as hacked gaming […]