‘Black Desert Online’ Coming To Xbox One X In 4K

Gamescom will be the first place anyone will be able to play Black Desert Online through the Xbox One, and to top it off, the game will be in 4K. That’s the news coming from Pearl Abyss as they sent out the news saying that you’ll be able to play as Warrior, Ranger, Witch, and Striker […]

Gamescon Will Be Getting Some New ‘Overwatch’ Content

Blizzard has quite the showcase planned for Gamescon next week, including a lot of content for games like Overwatch that you probably would expect them to save for Blizzzcon. Word has leaked that a new map will be revealed on Monday, August 21, just before Gamescon kicks off on the game’s official YouTube page, and […]

Gamescon Will Feature New Battles From ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

EA Games made one of their biggest Gamescon announcements yet as they confirmed that Star Wars: Battlefront II would be coming to the event. Best yet, the footage we’re going to get to see has nothing to do with character, it’s going to be pure space fights! X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings (yes, those exist), TIE Fighters, […]

Check Out The Complete “Indie Arena” Lineup For Gamescom 2017

The “Indie Arena” has slowly become one of the more talked about areas over the years for Gamescom. This year will be their fifth year at the event after slowly growing from a couple dozen indie companies to a massive section that takes over a good chunk of the floor. In case you’re headed to […]

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Microsoft Gives Out Their Plans For Gamescom 2017

Gamescom is just about a month away, and just like they did during E3, Team Xbox is about to give out their plans of what they’ll be doing at the convention ahead of everyone else. And to kick it off, the team announced plans to bring the Xbox One X to the convention for people to […]

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Square Enix Have Something Big Planned For Gamescom

If you’re in Germany this August, be on the lookout for Square Enix, as the game publisher has got something cooking for Gamescom. Game Jouhou has reported that during the company’s last Active Time Report, developers promised to have something big for the convention. Here’s a quick translated quote from the stream. “That’s right. We’ve been very […]

Blizzard Announces New World Of Warcraft Expansion

During Gamescon 2015 today in Germany, Blizzard announced their next release for their MMORPG World Of Warcraft. The new expansion, World Of Warcraft: Legion boosts character levels to 110, brings back the Burning Legion and introduces a new class… Demon Hunter. Here is the list of new features from Blizzard themselves: New Hero Class: Demon […]

Sony Playstation 4 Sells 10 Million Units Since Launch

Sony has kicked off it’s Gamescon 2014 press briefing with the news that they have sold 10 million Playstation 4 units world wide. Gameinformer tells us this is the first updated numbers since March 31st, 2014 when we were told of 7 million units having been sold since it’s initial launch on November 15th, 2013. […]