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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

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Gail Simone Makes a Giant Return to Birds Of Prey

DC Comics have let retailers know the details on the Birds Of Prey 100-Page Giant #1 in comic stores for January 22nd and should be in mass-market stores like Walmart and Target this month. And it involves the return of Gail Simone to one of the comic books she is most associated with, Birds Of […]

Judge Hashtag: Danger By Gail Simone's Foreword

Judge Hashtag: Danger By Gail Simone’s Foreword

Looking for something to buy on Black Friday? Well, check out Gail Simone’s foreword to the just-concluded-and-collected Hashtag Danger series by Tom Peyer, Randy Elliot and Chris Giarrusso, published as a trade paperback last week by Ahoy Comics. Gail writes, TO: Tom Peyer FROM: Gail Simone HASHTAG: BACKSLASH! Conventional wisdom says that you should 100% […]

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The Daily LITG – 29th July 2019 – Happy Birthday, Gail Simone

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday “Dragon Quest” Character Date For “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Leaked Blizzard Devs Nerf Moira In “Overwatch” After Community Complaints Jonah Weiland, […]

Gail Simone Dances With The Devil In The Pale Dynamite...

Gail Simone Dances With The Death Defying ‘Devil In The Pale Dynamite Book

Dynamite Entertainment has announced they are publishing a new Death Defying ‘Devil comic book, written by Gail Simone, drawn by Walter Geovanni, colored by Adriano Augusto, lettered by Simon Bowland and edited by Kevin Ketner. Inspired by Rod Serling, Bronze Age horror/mystery anthologies, and modern street-level heroics, the new series launching in August. The ‘Devil […]

SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

Gail Simone Tweets Her Love of that OTHER “Marvel Family”

Comics super-star Gail Simone took to Twitter this morning to praise the new Shazam! movie, and what makes the Marvel Family different from just about every other batch of heroes out there. Okay. I have a thing to say, it'll take a little bit and I'll try not to post anything too spoilery. But I […]

Gail Simone to Write Seven Days, Catalyst Prime’s First Super-Mega-Crossover Event

Jack Kirby once said, “Kid, you haven’t made it in comics until you’ve had your first super-mega-crossover event.” Well, it looks like Catalyst Prime, the self-billed “most diverse universe of heroes” in comics has finally made it, because this July, the Lion Forge imprint will run it’s first super-mega-crossover event, Seven Days. Written by Gail […]

News From the Future: World Descends Into Chaos After Gail Simone Sparks Junk Food Wars

Bleeding Cool readers, We interrupt our regular programming of shameless rumourmongering and the music of Ricardo Jonstello and his orchestra to bring you this special report. Friday morning, as Bleeding Cool staff filed into cubicles in the BC Bullpen and prepared to compose our first clickbait articles of the day, we received this transmission over […]

Fast Food Shocker: Wendy’s Prefers Marvel Over DC

The worlds of comic books and fast food restaurants were rocked Wednesday when the official Twitter account of Wendy’s chose a side in the longstanding war between comic book publishers Marvel and DC. Wendy’s was asked by famous comic book writer and tea expert Gail Simone which comic book universe they preferred, and the chain […]

Gail Simone Wants Wonder Woman-Captain Marvel Crossover, SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN

Remember the days of big, giant Marvel and DC Comics crossover events? We sure do, as does Gail Simone. One of our favorite female comic writers, Simone knows her way around some pretty notable characters across the Marvel and DC Comics lexicon: DC’s Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, The All-New Atom, Deadpool, Wonder […]