Con season is coming up! Do you have a bag to carry your swag?

Con Season Is Coming Up! Do You Have A Bag To Carry Your Swag?

In a handful of days, C2-E2 will be kicking off the convention season. This is one of my favorite times of the year — I love convention season! And to celebrate, why not get yourself a fancy new bag to carry your swag in? These bags will be the envy of your fellow con attendees […]

Getting ready for a geeky Valentine's Day? has you covered!

Getting Ready for a Geeky Valentine’s Day? Fun.Com Has You Covered!

With the 2019 holiday season officially behind us, we can now look ahead to 2020! One of my favorite winter holidays is coming up too — Valentine’s Day! Personally I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a romantic holiday. Love can come in many forms! Looking for a great gift for a parent, a friend, […]