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"Metal Wolf Chaos XD" Receives A Proper Release Date

FromSoftware, General Arcade, and Devolver Digital have come out with a proper release date today for Metal Wolf Chaos XD, as we'll see it later this summer. The game will be released on August 6th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $25. Those who choose to pre-order the game will also get an exclusive […]

Clock Drive Games Announces Warlander for Xbox One and PS4

Fantasy RPG Warlander Delayed to Make Combat More Like Dark Souls

Clock Drive Games was slated to bring their dark fantasy RPG Warlander to a full release on PC and console later this year. However, based on player feedback, the game has now been delayed until 2020. The main reason for the delay is because Clock Drive are making Warlander's combat system a more slow, tactical system rather […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Getting a Manga Adaptation

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Getting a Manga Adaptation

If ever there was a video game that deserved a manga adaptation, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice would be on the shortlist. The game takes the bombastic history of the Sengoku period of Japan and makes it even more mythical with impossible bosses and impressive set design. And because the game has Hanbei the Undying, it's even […]

Bloodborne: The Board Game Drops a Gameplay Trailer

Bloodborne: The Board Game Drops a Gameplay Trailer

Publisher CMON has dropped a gameplay trailer for Bloodborne: The Board Game to get fans hyped for next week's Kickstarter campaign. The trailer utilizes footage from FromSoftware's video game as well as shots of the board game to assure fans that CMON is sticking close to the source material using a side-by-side compairson. Bloodborne: The Board […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sold 2 Million Copies in 10 Days

Activision has announced some incredible sales numbers for FromSoftware's newest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The action adventure game has hit "Must-Play" status on Metacritic based on high review scores, but more than that, the game sold over 2 million copies in under 10 days on the worldwide market. Those sales were split across all platforms: […]

[REVIEW] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a Brilliant Challenge

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Activision and FromSoftware's first collaboration in years, but you'd never guess from the polished localization and gameplay. It doesn't hurt that Sekiro is absolutely stunning visually as well. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice puts you in control of a character without a name. Referred to as the nameless shinobi, or Wolf, the […]

FromSoftware Interested in Making a Battle Royale in the Future

FromSoftware is set to launch their latest action-adventure title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice later this month, but they may be looking toward the battle royale trend for their next game. From The Telegraph: Hidetaka Miyazaki, President of Dark Souls creator From Software, has told The Telegraph that the revered developer is taking a keen interest in the battle royale […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is Both Beautiful and Brutal

I recently got the opportunity to sit down and play a solid few hours of Activision and FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice at a press preview event. While Sekiro very obviously follows in the footsteps of the other Soulsborne games, it isn't simply another Dark Souls or Bloodborne. For one, Sekiro is very much not an RPG. Instead, the game is […]

The PC Specs for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are In

FromSoftware and Activision's ninja epic Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be launching in the middle of next month, which means the game's system requirements for PC are now available. The minimum requirements are pretty low-key, requiring only an Intel Core i3, a GTX 760 or Radeon HD 7950, and 4GB of RAM. However, that's pretty bargain […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Briefly Shows Off a Main Boss

FromSoftware decided to show off one of the bosses from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice this week on their Twitter, and they look mighty impressive. The 20-second video you see below from the game's official Twitter account shows off Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, an amazing looking warrior on horseback who cuts down the average villager with a single […]

Dark Souls Developer From Software Working on Two Unannounced Games

In a recent interview with (translated by Gematsu), From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki mentioned that the studio is currently working on two unannounced games alongside their Activision project, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. From Gematsu: Discussing the studio's development lines, Miyazaki said that the 3.5 product lines he mentioned in a June 2016 interview can be broken […]

FromSoftware Announces Game Event Autumn 2018 in Osaka

One week from now, we're going to get a preview of what the people at FromSoftware have been working on as they'll show stuff off at a new event. The company posted this tweet below over the weekend, letting fans know about "FromSoftware Game Event Autumn 2018 in Osaka", taking place on October 14th. 『SEKIRO: […]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Confirmed for March 2019 Release

Activision has officially announced the launch date for the highly anticipated new game from FromSoftware, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sekiro is a third-person, action-adventure game with RPG elements, and is currently slated to release globally on March 22, 2019. To celebrate, fans attending Gamescom this week in Cologne, Germany will be among the first in the world to play […]

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #3 cover by Pablo Fernandez Angulo

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #3 Review – Too Narrow a Focus?

Arkon meets Wolf Knight Artorias in Oolacile, and the Wolf Knight doesn't recognize Arkon. They duel, but Artorias discerns the Black Knight's identity before it is too late. Dark days have come to Lordran. Undead are spreading across the kingdom, Seath the Scaleless is taking advantage of the crisis, and Lord Gwyn has come down […]

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 cover by Fernandez Angulo

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 Review – The Meaning of Flames

Dragon Knight Gravis and Executioner Wurdow face opposition on the way to New Londo. Silver Knight Arkon and his regiment are assailed by demons and metal manipulation in Izalith. Channeler Liste must report these new happenings to the short-tempered and ambitious dragon, Duke Seath the Scaleless. Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 kicks off with […]

FromSoftware's Action Adventure Sekiro is Still Early in Development

FromSoftware's latest project Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was revealed during Microsoft's Xbox E3 Media Showcase. The game is being published by Activision, it will be multi-platform, and is a pretty major departure from the development studio's previous games. Unlike Dark Souls and Bloodborne, there are no major RPG elements in Sekiro. You don't make your own character, and many […]


Déraciné is the New Playstation VR Game from FromSoftware

After the Sony Presentation ended there was another game announcement that a bunch of people probably missed. This once again feels like a game that was cut for time. This time it's PSVR game from FromSoftware, who are best known for their work on the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. This looks nothing like any […]

Bloodborne #4 cover by Vanesa del Rey

Bloodborne #4 Review: The End of the Hunt

The Hunter and the child find themselves in a fishing village as they search for a boat to take them through the sea. The Hunter receives a cryptic message from Gerhman, and the child falls further ill. It also sees terrible things which the Hunter cannot, and it must help the Hunter navigate these horrors. […]

Bloodborne #3 cover by Piotr Kowalski

Bloodborne #3 Review: Under a Paleblood Sky

The Hunter continues to wander across the land with the Paleblood child. The child continues to exhibit bizarre and unnerving qualities, and the beast is still tracking them across the land. The Hunter is still unsure what the child is and what it can do for the Hunt. Bloodborne continues its trend of low-key and […]