33 Confirmed Dead in Kyoto Animation Office Arson Attack

33 Confirmed Dead in Kyoto Animation Office Arson Attack

33 people are confirmed dead and dozens injured after a man set fire to the office building of Kyoto Animation Studios on Thursday morning. The fatalities make this the biggest mass murder in post-war Japanese history. NHK reported that 30 fire engines responded to the fire and extinguished it completely in five hours. Of the […]

Free Pins and Posters From ComiXology at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

ComiXology, the digital comics publisher/distributor have a limited edition print run collections of a number of their usually-digital-exclusive comics, as well as free pins for 2019 as well. The ComiXology Originals 2019 Pin Set featuring five enamel pins that spotlight Durn from Stone Star, the “odd goat” from Delver, Bear from The Pride, the comiXology Originals logo, […]

Marvel Promotes Reading Digital With Free Return of Wolverine #1 Director’s Cut

Today, the final phase of the epic return of Wolverine in the appropriately-titled Return of Wolverine mini-series has begun with the release of Return of Wolverine #1. And while we already know that there’s no way Marvel can top this other time Wolverine came back from the dead, they’re doing their best to try. Not […]

‘Fate/Grand Order’ Coming To North America Smartphones This Summer

Aniplex of America announced at Seattle’s Sakura-Con that their highly popular smartphone app game Fate/Grand Order will finally be released in North America sometime this summer. The news was confirmed both via Twitter and with an official trailer. Based on the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, the game’s popularity stemmed from the interactive RPG elements where you’re basically summoning […]

A Look At The Free PlayStation Plus Games Coming In April

There are some real gems coming out this coming Saturday for Playstation Plus subscribers. If you’re not already onboard, basically every month there’s a small selection of games that are totally free to download with no strings attached which you can play to your heart’s content. (Yes, you are subscribing, but you’re not paying for […]

‘Street Fighter V’ Free To Play For A Week Starting March 28

Starting tomorrow, Street Fighter V will be free to play on PC as part of a bigger plan to root out some of the game’s bigger issues. According to Capcom, they’ve been trying to iron out many of the connectivity issues we’ve been dealing with on the CFN (Capcom Fighters Network). You may notice it’s […]

Free On Bleeding Cool: Beast Wagon #1 By Owen Michael Johnson And John Pearson

By Olly MacNamee I’ve followed the evolution of modern-day Animal Farm-esque  comic Beast Wagon since the first issue was released and with the imminent release of issue 4, the penultimate issue the creators are going on an international signing tour across the USA and the UK in June and July. Dates and locations can be found […]

Marvel Comics To Give More Copies Of Mockingbird #3 Away For Free

The new Mockingbird comic written by Chelsea Cain has been described as a puzzle box of a comic. Which is the kind of thing that doesn’t always suit a direct market serialised comic book where if readers don’t quite get one issue, they don’t bother getting the next. Bleeding Cool was the only site to report […]

Top Cow Gives 50 Free Comics Away To All For #InStoreKickOff #ConKickOff2016

As part of the Instore Convention Kick-Off, Matt Hawkins, publisher of Top Cow Comics announced they are giving away fifty free Top Cow comic books, digitally to all. From Think Tank, to Genius, to Sunstone, to Postal, to IXth Generation…. take your pick. And follow the rest of our In Store Convention Kickoff coverage here. Click here to […]

On The Last Day Of #BlackComicsMonth – Free Comic Books, If You Hurry

On the last of #BlackComicsMonth – they get an extra day this year thanks to the mysteries of cosmology – we have eleven free comic books, by black creators or featuring black protagonists So that’s free PDF downloads…. Genius #1 Postal #1 Or via ComiXology… Concrete Park Alabaster Shadows – code BlackComicsMonth Super Pro K.O. […]

Stephen Kramer Glickman Talks Max Brooks And Cinema Purgatorio – And Everyone Gets Free Comics!

Stephen Kramer Glickman talks Max Brooks (possibly being Max Brooks) and his contributions to life, Cinema Purgatorio and his lack of weed.. The new anthology comic from Bleeding Cool’s owners Avatar Press launches this weekend at London Super Comic Con after a successful crowdsourcing of pre-orders on Kickstarter. Cinema Purgatorio has not only passed $100,00, but passed the $105,000 […]

Free On Bleeding Cool: Kaijumax #1 By Zander Cannon

The Final Order Cut-Off Date for the first trade paperback collection of Zander Cannon‘s Kaijumax from Oni Press is on Monday. Which is why today,we get to put up and embed the whole of Kaijumax #1 for free. If you want more, you have till Monday to tell your retailer… The trade paperback is only […]

Starve #1 And #2, Now Free On Bleeding Cool – Food Horror Porn For All

Here is issue one of Starve. Here is issue two. This has been one of my favourite new books of 2015 from Image Comics, which is best described (by me at least) as Transmetropolitan meets Hell’s Kitchen. Reality food TV in a future where it’s even more of a luxury than it is now. And […]

Marc Silvestri’s Cyber Force Returns For Free With LINE Webtoon

  Cyberforce, by Marc Silvestri, was one of the original Image Comics launch titles. Over twenty years on, it is doing something very different indeed. Started in Korea, LINE Webtoon is now a popular international digital comic service and launched in the US last year. And it is now the home for the last two trade paperback collections of […]

All Of Cerebus, All For Free, All On Tumblr, All With Permission

Cerebus is one of the greatest comic book works in the history of humanity. Initially a funny animal parody of Conan The Barbarian, it became a comic about politics, religion, life and death. And parodying anything that geek and pop culture was obsessed with along the way. Running for 300 issues, for twenty-five years, it is […]