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Writer’s Commentary – Frank Barbiere On The Precinct Trade

Normally we get commentary tracks for individual issues, but here Frank Barbiere talks The Precinct Collection, issue by issue, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover for issue #1 is by Joe Benitez; issues #2-5 covers are by Sergio Davila. Precinct #1: The opening to any story is always extremely important, but doubly so when you’re […]

Writer’s Commentary – Frank Barbiere On The Final Issue Of Dejah Thoris

A Writer’s Commentary: Frank Barbiere talks the grand finale, Dejah Thoris #6, on sale now from Dynamite. The cover is by NEN and interior art by Francesco Manna. PAGES 1 – 2 It was important for me here to really show how bad things are going in Helium. Valoris doesn’t want to just conquer Helium, he […]

“The World Of Barsoom Is Just So Unique…” – Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris

Dynamite has given us a new Writer to Writer interview, this time David Avallone (Twilight Zone: The Shadow) talks with Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #5. Cover by NEN, with interiors by Francesco Manna. DAVID AVALLONE: I read somewhere that you discovered the John Carter mythos through his cameo in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 2. […]

Frank Barbiere’s Commentary On The Final Issue Of The Precinct

A Writer’s Commentary: Frank Barbiere talks Precinct #5, on sale now from Dynamite, as the miniseries wraps. Cover is by Sergio Davila, with interiors by Crizam Zamora. PAGE ONE Crizam and Dinei did an excellent job with this page. It’s a big, fun opening and really sets the stakes for the series finale. PAGES TWO – […]

Frank Barbiere Uses Fight Scenes As Turning Points In Dejah Thoris

Genevieve Valentine, writer of Xena: Warrior Princess #1, talks with Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #3, both on sale now from Dynamite. Cover is by NEN with interiors by Francesco Manna. GENEVIEVE VALENTINE: A good action scene needs enough space to breathe visually (especially when it’s also propelling character and plot at the same time, as […]

Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris Leaving Everything Behind In New Series

Nancy Collins, writer of Army of Darkness: Furious Road #1, talks with writer Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #2, both on sale March 2 from Dynamite. Cover is by NEN, interiors by Francesco Manna. NANCY COLLINS: What lead you to take Dejah Thoris so far outside her normal comfort zone, stripping her of her title […]

Writer’s Commentary – Frank Barbiere on Dejah Thoris #1

Writer Frank Barbiere comments on issue #1 of the new Dejah Thoris comic from Dynamite. Cover art by NEN, interrior art by Francesco Manna. PAGES 1 & 2 I knew I wanted to open the book with a glimpse of what was to come, that being Dejah in her new “Larka” identity and in heated […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #1 And Bob’s Burgers #8

Today we have two exclusive extended preview for books shipping from Dynamite Entertainment tomorrow. Bob’s Burgers #8 done by the creators of the hit Fox television series and Dejah Thoris #1 featuring the new direction by Gail Simone and new character design by Nicola Scott. Bob’s Burgers #8 writer: : Mark Von der Heide, Jeff […]

Steampunk, Crime, Fantasy And Magic Make Up The Precinct

Frank Barbiere continues his story of The Precinct. Set in the steampunk world created in the Dynamite series Legenderry, Barbiere tells the story of a detective and a magic user trying to stop a murdering monster. Here Byron Brewer talks with Frank about working on the series and where it may go. Cover art by […]

“We’re Not Rebooting The Character” – Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris

With the recent redesigns of Vampirella, Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris along with new first issue, folks may have gotten the idea that the books were beeing rebooted… Frank Barbiere makes it clear that it’s not the case with Dejah Thoris #1. Covers by Nen and Jay Anacleto.  BYRON BREWER: Frank, Dejah Thoris has done […]

We Always Keep Our Monsters Hidden In The Dark – Review Of Precinct #1

The Precinct #1 goes on sale this week. The new steampunk cop series from Frank Barbiere and Crizam Christhian Zamora follows a cop named Mortimer HIll and a acolyte named Josephine Winters as they try to figure out where these giant steam-powered monsters are coming from. This story is set in the world of Legendarry […]

Exclusive First Look Inside The Precinct By Barbiere And Zamora

Debuting this December is a new series for Dynamite called The Precinct by Frank Barbiere and Crizam Zamora. The series is set in the steampunk universe created by Bill Willingham in Legendarry and has been carried on in multiple mini-series. We have an exclusive look inside the first issue. In the sprawling, steampunk metropolis of […]

BOOM! Studios Plans For Before And During NYCC(UPDATE)

BOOM! Studios has a bunch of stuff planned for NYCC including a pre-show event, panels and exclusives. The 2015 New York Comic Con, which will take place at the Javits Center on Manhattan’s West Side during the weekend of October 8-11. BOOM! has partnered with several comics retailers for New York Comic Con exclusives and a […]