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Ubisoft Launches The Last "For Honor" Event Of Season Four

Ubisoft Launches The Last “For Honor” Event Of Season Four

Ubisoft has finally added the last event of Season Four in For Honor, as players will now tackle the challenges within Zhanhu’s Gambit. This brings about what is essentially the final chapter to the Year Of Reckoning. You will delve into the journey of Sun Da, filling out his role in the conflict between the […]

"For Honor" Year 3 Season 4 Will Drop On November 7th

“For Honor” Year 3 Season 4 Will Drop On November 7th

Ubisoft revealed today that we’ll finally see Year 3 Season 4 of For Honor on November 7th, bringing with it a new Wu Lin Hero: Zhanhu. Those who own the Year 3 pass will be immediately able to play as the Zhanhu on that date, while everyone else will get him for 15,000 Steel on […]

“For Honor” Launches A New Event, “Wrath Of The Jormungandr”

Ubisoft announced a brand new event today in For Honor as players will ravage their way through the lands during the Wrath Of The Jormungandr. Like a lot of these events, you’re getting a new storyline as well as some special gear and challenges to take part in. This one revolving around Ragnarok, because as […]

Ubisoft Announces "For Honor" Content For Year 3 Season 3

Ubisoft Announces “For Honor” Content For Year 3 Season 3

Ubisoft released more details today on For Honor‘s upcoming Season 3 for Year 3, including a brand new hero on the way in the form of the Jormungandr. The next season also comes with a brand new Breach map called Storr Stronghold that you can explore, as owners of the Year 3 pass will be […]

Ubisoft's "For Honor" is Getting a Spectator Mode

Ubisoft’s “For Honor” is Getting a Spectator Mode

For Honor fans got another look at the deadly hitokiri Sakura at the Ubisoft E3 conference today, but hidden in the pre-show was another announcement fans have been looking forward to. Coming soon, players will be able to spectate on other player’s matches, so they can enjoy the complicated duel system mechanics to the fullest. […]

Ubisoft Shows More Of "For Honor" Shadows of The Hitokiri Event at E3

Ubisoft Shows More Of “For Honor” Shadows of The Hitokiri Event at E3

During their E3 showcase today, Ubisoft showed off a brand new trailer for their upcoming For Honor event, Shadows of The Hitokiri. You can check out the proper description and the trailer below as we prepare for the event to kick in today and run until June 27th. t’s not simply a race to kill […]

Ubisoft Added Light Sabers to For Honor for Star Wars Day

Ubisoft Added Lightsabers to For Honor for Star Wars Day

If you happen to be playing For Honor today, Ubisoft had a treat for you as all of the weapons in the game have been designed to be lightsabers. The surprise kind of came out of the blue for Star Wars Day, and it’s making fans of the game demand that they be kept longer […]

For Honor's New Season in Sakura is Now Live

For Honor’s New Season in Sakura is Now Live

Ubisoft has officially launched the latest season of For Honor taking fans into Sakura, but now people are curious as to what is all actually has. So to prepare you for both the season and the new samurai warrior, the developers have put together this “making of” video to show what’s going on in the […]

For Honor Announces The "Hitokiri" Hero for Year 3 Season 2

For Honor Announces The “Hitokiri” Hero for Year 3 Season 2

Ubisoft has announced a new hero for For Honor‘s Samurai faction will be released as part of the game’s Year 3 Season 2 content plans on May 2nd. The new season also adds a new map called Canopy that will be added for free to all players on May 2nd. The season will also be making […]

The Rabbids are Invading the World of For Honor

The Rabbids are Invading the World of For Honor

Ubisoft is hosting a one-day event for April Fool’s Day which brings the Rabbids to the For Honor universe. Players who log in to For Honor during the event today will receive a free melee pack as an exclusive reward, so it might be worth checking out for more than just the laughs. The event is running […]

For Honor Launches a Three Week Assassin’s Creed Themed Event

Today, Ubisoft announced a three-week event called “For The Creed”, where the world of Assassin’s Creed will invade the world of For Honor. Using the power of the Animus, you’ll be able to relive the past lives of specific Knight, Viking, Samurai or Wu Lin Heroes as part of the Marching Fire expansion. The event […]

Ubisoft Teases a For Honor Crossover with Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft is cooking something up in the world of For Honor as the company has teased a bit of a crossover with Assassin’s Creed. This morning the company posted this tweet of the For Honor account, teasing something involving Abstergo Industries, which is the evil company you have to deal with for much of the Assassin’s Creed series. […]

Ubisoft Highlights ‘For Honor’ Breach and Marching Fire During #E3

Today during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation, the announcement was made that a new multiplayer mode called Breach is coming to For Honor along with a new faction of warriors in The Marching Fire. A new faction of warriors is entering For Honor’s fray this October, and they’re bringing the biggest-ever For Honor update with them. The […]

Ubisoft Will Announce New For Honor Material at E3 2018

To say the Ubisoft has been having issues keeping the interest of fans on For Honor is an understatement, especially with the back-and-forth issues they had with the servers early on and the constant attempts to spark new interest with events. Apparently, that’s not going to stop them from trying to do more with the […]

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For Honor is Geting a Free Weekend Very Soon

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor is set to get another free weekend, letting players try the sword-clanging delights of the game. For Honor, like many of Ubisoft’s online multiplayer games has seen excellent post-release support. While it is hardly the biggest multiplayer game today, it certainly has its audience and Ubisoft seems committed to […]

Ubisoft Officially Reveals the For Honor Starter Edition for PC

Ubisoft’s incredibly exacting multiplayer combat sim For Honor is just over a year old, but if the steep full purchase price was too much for you, Ubisoft has just unveiled the PC Starter Edition of the game. Of course, because the Starter Edition is much cheaper than the full version of the game, it includes a […]

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Producer Samrat Sharma is Returning to Ubisoft

According to a report on, one of the Senior Producers on Horizon: Zero Dawn is moving to Ubisoft’s Toronto studio to head up development on a new, unannounced title. The producer in question is Samrat Sharma, who was part of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon team, and held positions at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft prior to his work […]

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For Honor Due To Get Dedicated Console Servers Tuesday

If you’re still playing For Honor on a console, chances are you probably are still dealing with some of the random timeout and connectivity issues that have been with the game since it first launched. Ubisoft announced a while back that dedicated servers are going to be coming to the game to improve the experience, and […]

For Honor Launches Into Their Fifth Season With “Age Of Wolves”

Along with the news that Ubisoft is putting in new dedicated servers for their game For Honor on February 19th, we finally have details about their fifth season, “Ages Of Wolves” which launches today. Below are a brand new video and a snippet from the game’s official introduction to the new season, which promises new battles […]

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For Honor Still Boasts 1 Million Unique Players Every Month

Ubisoft has revealed that a year on from release, For Honor is currently very healthy, boasting a large player base with a decent portion continuing to play the title every month. Ubisoft has made a bit of a habit out of keeping their games happy and healthy even if they don’t immediately take off. Rainbow Six: Siege, […]