'She's Acting Kind Of Crazy’ Ep. 8 Official Clip | Shameless | Season 9

Clip from ‘Shameless’ S9E8 – Oh Fiona, Get Your Act TOGETHER

The back-half of season 9 of SHOWTIME series Shameless is right around the corner, and things don’t look for calm for Fiona Gallagher. Emmy Rossum‘s character went through some crazy s**t during the front half of season 9, and she’s obviously trying to deal with it as best she can, which honestly, isn’t so great. […]

Riftworld Legends #4 cover by Toma Feizo Gas

Riftworld Legends #4 Review: Fun Fantasy With Interesting Backstory

Fiona is excited by the prospect of her confirmation, but her grandmother tells her of a previous action of the Regency which sours her eagerness. Elsewhere, Shim and Jackie are ambushed at their camp, and Thora is faces her own trials aboard the ship. One thing that struck me from the outset of Riftworld Legends […]