FFVII Remake

Time to Get on the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" Hype Train

It’s Time to Get on the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Hype Train

Square Enix revealed the release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake just before E3 this year, and spent a decent chunk of their press conference showing off an early mission for Cloud and Barrett that sees the duo taking on a Scorpion mech. That mission was playable as a demo for lucky fans and media […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Naoki Hamaguchi Announced as Final Fantasy VII Remake Co-Director

Progress is still being made on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, though as usual we can only make assumptions based on small clues. The latest development update comes from the Square Enix website, which now lists Naoki Hamaguchi as the game’s director alongside Tetsuya Nomura. From WWG: While a good portion of people are pulling pranks on one […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake

New FFVII Remake Image Shown in Background of Square Enix Recruitment Ad

Square Enix is still recruiting for the FFVII Remake team, among other positions, and one of their recruitment pages includes a shot of lead developer Naoki Hamaguchi‘s dual-monitors. On one of those appears to be a shot from the remake. While we’ve gotten a few other glimpses of Final Fantasy VII Remake in-progress before, this is the first […]