Five Film Predictions for 2020, That Are Sure to be Wrong

Five Film Predictions for 2020, That Are Sure to be Wrong

Ahh, a fresh new year. 2020 is barely 12 hours old, and already we had one great trailer debut and plenty to speculate about. After a big year for genre film and watching Disney become an even bigger powerhouse in 2019, making predictions in this ever-changing industry seems like a fool’s errand. But, we are […]

[REVIEW] Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Plays it too Safe

Final Fantasy XIV‘s brand new expansion, Shadowbringers, does a whole hell of a lot for the game to move its central story forward, which is a double-edged sword. The game’s central conflict is between the Warrior of Light, Scions of the Seventh Dawn and their immortal adversaries The Ascians. The expansion brings that conflict back to […]

Blue Mage will Hit Final Fantasy XIV Ahead of the Shadowbringers Expansion

One of the most requested jobs for future Final Fantasy XIV expansions has been Blue Mage, because FFXIV players just cannot get over their obsession with FFXI job classes. And to be fair to them, Blue Mage is a pretty sweet job. Unlike other mage classes, Blue Mages were defined by the sheer ridiculous number of spells they […]

Marvel Legends The Thing Figure 1

Let’s Take a Look at the Walgreens Exclusive Thing Marvel Legends Figure

Marvel Legends collectors are a patient bunch. Just kidding, that could not be further from the truth. Since Susan Storm was announced at SDCC a couple years ago, we dreamed about finally having the Fantastic Four on our shelves. Now it is a reality. The Thing is the final figure from the FF that we […]

Marvel Legends The Thing Will Complete the Fantastic Four Soon

Marvel Legends fans- the end is near. The Thing will be coming exclusively to Walgreens in the near future. A couple of packaged pictures are here, and Ben looks like one of the best Marvel Legends figures we may ever get single-packed. Just from the package you can see that the figure will have incredible […]

What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)

By Joe Glass I cannot make it any clearer, this article contains MASSIVE spoilers for the new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank. So let’s get this out of the way at the start: if you are planning on ignoring pretty much every review out there and go and see this film anyway, go […]

A Bleeding Cool Endorsement From Tom Brevoort?

Replying to concerns about the cancellation of Marvel licensing and reduction in prominence of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men at Marvel, Tom Brevoort stated, If you start your investigation with the result that you’re looking for, you can always make the facts fit the conclusion. That’s not the scientific method, that’s—well, that’s FOX News. And […]

Matt Fraction Drops Off Fantastic Four And FF Over Inhuman Demands

Earlier this week, we ran rumours of Matt Fraction dropping off FF, and CBR have just confirmed that and more – that Matt will be leaving Fantastic Four and FF early – including issues already solicited. CBR states Fraction informed them that “his last solely written issue of Fantastic Four will be #12 (solicited for […]

Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – All New X-Men, Flash, Prophet, Fatale, RIPD, Before Watchmen (x2), All Star Western, My Little Pony, Superman, Teen Titans, A Plus X, FF, Lot 13 And Thor,

It’s Wednesday! We got comics! But what comics? Prophet breaks my heart on a regular basis. Now it does it with the memory of a character I never cared for, facing up to the issues of living so long. The paralls are clear… Angouleme-listed Fatale also loves a little parallel in this scene of sex […]

A Comic Show – The Biggest Week Ever! Batman, X-Men, Thor, FF, Saga, Walking Dead…

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjArLh_27-s[/youtube] Aaron Haaland writes; OMG! This week has everything! So many great books and new launches! Batman Death of the Family has Batman, Batgirl, and Suicide Squad #14 and well as the 2nd prints of the #13 tie-ins! Poor, poor Alfred! Marvel Now put out too many launches for one freaking week! All New X-Men […]

Review: FF #22

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; Marvel needs to start paying better attention to themselves, especially when they’re doing everything right. The big Marvel media blitz of the moment (amid the din of screaming Avengers bluray ads) is the MARVEL NOW “Don’t Call It A Reboot” Re-Launch. It’s definitely something to get excited about, Marvel […]

Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Locke & Key, FF, Minutemen, Crossed, Gambit, Ferals, Mudman, Phantom Lady And Doll Man, Wolverine & The X-Men, The New Deadwardians, Ultimate X-Men, AVX Versus, JIM, Morning Glories

The new Locke & Key comic is an interesting creation. Much of the plot twists are based on familiarity with the series, and if you know the comics well, you’ll see them coming a mile of. But for newcomers, too much is not explained and you may be left unsatisfied. But fir all that, it’s […]

It’s 2012. Do You Know Where Your Comic Book Children Are?

What is up with children in comic books today? Or, rather, this week? Picking up a few comics and reading them, we have Miles Morales hitting his icon and inspiration with a dabilitating venom sting. The young Talia Al’Ghul taking it out on an innocent tree. And, bloody hell, Hit Girl using an in-teddy beear […]

Eight Thoughts About Eight Comics Today – New Deadwardians, Wolverine And The X-Men, Grim Leaper, America’s Got Powers, X-Men Legacy, Animal Man Annual, Incredible Hulk And FF

The New Deadwardians is rapidly becoming one of my favourite books on the market, and each issue cements it further. It is certainly my favourite work of Dan Abnett to date. A history steeped in colonial massacre, the aristocracy and the working class separated by blood and a Christian vampire at its heart, doing his […]

Review: FF #17 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

Eliot Cole reviews for Bleeding Cool; FF 17 is a one-shot story, a ‘day in the life of’ Peter Parker and Johnny Storm living together.  One shots always seem to be a difficult and rare thing in superhero continuity, the last book I could rely on for a good done-in-one story was Bryan Q. Miller’s […]