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Today’s Marvel Teaser: Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer would appear to be the latest character in the Marvel Teaser puzzle.  What could it mean…?  Here’s what Rich has posted about the It’s Either In You Or It’s Not teasers so far: Here are all the images released so for for this Fear Itself/The Mighty announcment at San Diego for something […]

Breaking The Mighty Marvel Code

Here are all the images released so for for this Fear Itself/The Mighty announcment at San Diego for something coming in December and being announced at Cup O’ Joe at San Diego Comic Con. Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, She Rulk. Mighty Avengers or something Anyway, a number of letters in the images are highlighted different […]

Oh, So The Mighty Are Spinning Off In Their Own Series In December?

The latest Marvel teaser for something new in December, being announced at the Fear Itself Panel on the Sunday of San Diego Comic Con is making things clearer. Iron Fist, Dr Strange, both members of The Mighty in upcoming issues of Fear Itself... which will be finished in December. So is this a book spinning […]

Retailer Swag From Diamond At San Diego Comic Con

Are you a comic book retailer? Or can you represent one at San Diego Comic Con? Then you too could get free lunch and this rather excluisve swag bag or… rather exclusive swag. Expect these to hit eBay rather soonish. FlashPoint #1 Exclusive Variant Fear Itself #3 Immonen Variant & Uncanny X-Force #11 Brooks Variant […]

Friday Trending Topics: Hobbits, Supergods, And The Mighty

Looks like the BC forum crew pretty much has The Mighty figured out (Maybe. But don’t look before you guess yourself). But these promo-puzzles, both real and accidental, are fun, and have been pretty successful in recent times, so let’s hope the pubs start upping the ante with something really, really tough. Most-Read Comic Stories […]

Wednesday Trending Topics: SPOILERS

This is a much more interesting trend day than it appears at first glance. Reviews and commentary on Comic Day releases always do well, but they rarely grab the top spots — until today. Meaning people are really engaged in what’s coming out right now, meaning Flashpoint and Fear Itself, to a great extent.  Interesting […]

Fear Itself #4 And The Demon In A Bottle (SPOILERS)

It’s one of the classic Iron Man stories of all time. Demon In A Bottle, the moment when Iron Man, Tony Stark was brought down by his drinking to the ultimate low, and then rebuilt his life as an admitted alcoholic and teetotaller. A nine part story, published 1979 by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, John […]

Fear Itself #4 Vs Flashpoint #3 – Wednesday Comics Review

Two books. Two big company event crossovers. Very different stories. But quite a bit of confusion. In Flashpoint, we have a severly burnt Flash trying to regain his powers and putting the band back together, even if some of them don’t seem to exist any more. Which means finding a very different Superman indeed. I […]

Will Fear Itself #5 Bring The Biggest Marvel Comics Brawl Ever?

From the new issue of Fear Itself, a look forward to next month’s issue. And the battle royale it will bring… is this the ultimate in the “who would win in a battle between…” stakes? And while we’re at it, how about we name all The Worthy so far, as I don’t think their names […]

A Comic Show – Flashpointing At Fear Itself

Aaron and Mike from A Comic Shop in Florida namedrop Charlie Adlard to the hilt, before diving into tomorrow’s comics, in their sweaty sweaty hands. They are all over Flashpoint #3 and the spinoffs before moving onto Fear Itself #4 and those spinoffs with Captain America putting on the costume. Big week. And then Moon […]

The Death Of The Incredible Hulk

We love a little mindless speculation here at Bleeding Cool Towers, looking at the comic in front of us, their plans, the current social climate and speculating ahead based on all that. It’s that kind of thinking that has Bleeding Cool expecting a black man under the Spider-Man suit when Ultimate Comics Spider-Man relaunches in […]

Flashpoint #1 Sells Less Than Fear Itself #2

The Diamond Comics Distributors data for the month of May has been released. How has holding the line helped DC? What about the crossovers? Well, as the headline points out, the first issue of DC’s big event crossover comic couldn’t beat even the second issue of Marvel’s. Both have gone to second printings, so the […]

Preview: Fear Itself #4

Here’s a worldess preview to the next issue of the maga-event crossover from Marvel. Fear Itself #4, by Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen, out later this month. Note how the fall of Thor to Earth rather mirrors that in the recent movie…

Colossus Relaunch: Getting Cyttoraked For Fear Itself

When Bleeding Cool first ran the image, this member of The Worthy was labelled Juggernaut. And it sure looked it. But it was otherwise teased as Colossus taking the helmet. Well, from this Marvel teaser, he may well have taken said helmet, and the ruby that goes with it, in order to take on the […]

Wednesday Trending Topics: Now With 30% More Non-Reboot News Added!

Is there anything happening in the wonderful world of comics besides #dcreboot? Of course there is — Fear Itself, Captain America, X-Men First Class still looming, and of course most importantly of all, it was Comic Day. Even so, DC owned the news cycle for the second straight day, something BC trendwatchers will recall they […]

A Comic Show – Changing Dick Grayson’s Name In The DC Relaunch

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5fZP9AYMq4[/youtube] There you go folks. A run through today’s comics – and the impact of the DC relaunch from a radical retailer A Comic Shop in Florida’s perspective. FLASHPOINT #2 BATDAD, Thomas Wayne the Batman of Flashpoint, gives depowered Barry Allen the shocker. FEAR ITSELF #3 MATT FRACTION! BUCKY fears the outcome of FEAR ITSELF […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Non-Reboot Edition (Or: The Week Is Just Getting Started)

It was actually a pretty eventful day even before Rich set this fateful news chain reaction into motion here about 14 hours ago.  And there are Things Happening in Marvel’s Fear Itself.  And X-Men: First Class opens in the US on Friday.  What could possibly happen next? Most-Read Comic Stories Not Involving DC Reboot Today: […]