The Final Act Of Faust Is Close

In November, we are getting Faust: Love If The Damned Act 15, the final chapter of Faust, twenty-five years after the original comic was published by David Quinn and Tim Vigil, and caused quite the media storm. Faustian John Jaspers faces the Mephistophelian M alone while Dr. Jade DeCamp takes on the twisted perversions of […]

Faust Chapter 14 For October, Chapter 15 For November

It’s back…. Faust, Love of the Damned: Act 14 from Rebel Studios by David Quinn and Timothy B. Vigil. With a painted cover by Vigil. One of the first independent comics truly worthy of the name, Faust was condemned and censored for its sex and violence, but mostly violence. Chapter 14 celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary […]

The Return Of Faust

There was Watchmen. There was Dark Knight. And there was Faust. Created by David Quinn and Tim Vigil, this disturbingly violent superhero thriller fit the times well. Published by Rebel Studios in 1987, it was published sporadically since in thirteen chapters, while inspiring a film adaptation in 2001. Well, in October and November, the final […]

The Whitechapel Challenge – Redesigning Faust

The “Remake/Remodel” challenge, founded by Warren Ellis, gives artists of all abilities the opportunity to show-off what they can do in the midst of the vast community at Whitechapel. It’s quite simply the best, and certainly the best-read, of its kind. Every week participants are given the name of a character – often Golden-Age heroes […]