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Horizon: Zero Dawn Producer Samrat Sharma is Returning to Ubisoft

According to a report on GamesIndustry.biz, one of the Senior Producers on Horizon: Zero Dawn is moving to Ubisoft’s Toronto studio to head up development on a new, unannounced title. The producer in question is Samrat Sharma, who was part of Guerrilla Games’ Horizon team, and held positions at Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft prior to his work […]

Ubisoft Posted A Throwback Photo, And Everyone Thought It Was Far Cry 5

Earlier today, Ubisoft’s Instagram account posted an image of Rock Island with the text “An island that we never really left. Does that remind you of something?” next to it, in French naturally. So of course people took that to mean that a new title in the series – which hasn’t even been announced – would take […]

The 25 Best Games Already Out This Year

This year has been a little crazy thus far for game releases. A few years ago, we were very back heavy with the Holiday and Black Friday period dictating where the most important games fell, (plus awards happening around then didn’t hurt either). However, over the last few years, with the ever rising of indie […]

Far Cry: Primal Has A Neat Blood Dragon Easter Egg

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is about as far away from Far Cary: Primal as you could get, at least in one franchise. One a neon soaked romp through 80s nostalgia, the other a bloody and brutal trudge through an aggressive pre-historic landscape. Yet, there is a pretty cool Blood Dragon easter egg in Primal, […]

Become A Mammoth With This Far Cry Primal Pre-Order Content

Pre-order content can be a little out there. Stuff like weird content that the developer deemed didn’t fit into the main game can show up, and because of that, some of it can be a little wild. Or forgettable in other cases. Far Cry Primal is certainly on the ‘wild’ side though. If you pre-order […]

New Far Cry Primal Trailer Helps You Learn The Ropes

Far Cry Primal is just around the corner now, and soon we will be able to tame the wild beasts of human kinds first outings and also take on the tribes that threaten your existence. This new trailer is dubbed ‘101’, so unsurprisingly, it is all about learning what you will get up to in […]

This Pretty Clever Far Cry Primal Trailer Takes You Through Time

Live action trailers are all the rage nowadays. You can more or less expect them from all the major game releases now. This one for Far Cry Primal  is quite clever though. Taking the conventions of the games industry today and moving backwards through all of warfare in history, the advert eventually ends up in the […]

Video: 10 Games To Look Forward To Before E3 2016

So, here is a cool thing. I’ve taken it upon myself to try out new original video content on Bleeding Cool. We’re still feeling this out, so do let us know what you are looking for. I’m on games obviously for now, but film and, of course, comics could well be on the horizon. On […]

Watch A 2 Hour Chunk Of Far Cry Primal Right Here

It seems odd to think that Far Cry Primal is just over a month away. Just a few months ago we didn’t even know it existed and now, it’s just on the horizon. Ubisoft sure have been promoting the bejeezus out of it recently too. However, this might be the longest, most uncut version of […]

Catch 9 Minutes Of Gameplay From Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal is out early next year, hitting at the the end of February, which is pretty good going since the game was only announced a few weeks ago. We had only seen trailers up until this point, but last night, this nine minute gameplay demo turned up alongside a trailer shown at The […]

Far Cry Primal To Get Reveal At The Game Awards Next Week

The Game Awards are next Thursday, and I’m looking forward to them. On top of the game reveals slated to happen, of which there are 10, I also just like the art of giving congratulations to good games. One of those reveals we now know though. Far Cry Primal will show up, as revealed by […]

Far Cry Primal Is Taking The Series To Prehistoric Times

People have been contemplating a prehistoric Far Cry for a little while. There aren’t enough games that explore the setting, and bringing the crafting, combat and stealth of Far Cry to a world with bigger than life wildlife is an enticing proposition. It seems Ubisoft were listening too. After a prolonged reveal event, Far Cry […]