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E3 Will be Accepting Fans Again in 2018 with the New Gamer Pass

E3 will be accepting fans back through the doors of the LA Convention Center this June, but this time, they’ve got a new badge type and a much cheaper price-tag. Thanks to how successful the trade show was in 2017, E3 will be inviting the global video game community to experience its best E3 yet, […]


The ESA Responds to President Trump’s Alleged Racist Remarks

  Despite backing several of US President Donald Trump‘s legislative decisions and tax bills, the Entertainment Software Association has come forward to condemn remarks he allegedly made about Haiti and other “shithole countries.” The remarks were leaked by attendees of an immigration meeting and were first reported by the Washington Post. Multiple witnesses, including Democratic senator Dick […]

Digital Game Sales In 2016 Were A Recordbreaking High

According to the ESA’s new Essential Facts report of video game digital sales for the year of 2016, we’ve done a fantastic job of downloading things as a community this year. The report also includes some absolutely fascinating facts, like the fact that the average gamer is now 35 years old, and that women aged 18 […]