John Jennings box of bones

Dieselfunk Dispatch: John Jennings Talks Box of Bones and Making Monstrosities

Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! John Jennings, artist of the graphic novelization of Octavia Butler‘s Kindred (done with writer Damian Duffy), took a moment to chat with the Dispatch about the upcoming Box of Bones and to share a bit of Butler news. Box of Bones, co-created with Ayize Jama-Everett, is published by Rosarium Publishing.   DD: What […]

4 Kids Walk Into San Diego Comic-Con And Make Bank – Over $350 Worth

Black Mask Press have become masters at the making of collectibles for comic book conventions, especially those written by Matthew Rosenberg. And San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has been no exception. Tomorrow’s Ashes #1 has sold for $50 Young Terrorists #2 has a confirmed sale elsewhere of $30. The Forevers #1 has a confirmed sale elsewhere […]

Kate Bea-Ton Down Humor Barriers At San Diego Comic-Con

By Marilyn Weiss First of all, I would like to congratulate Kate Beaton on her Eisner win. On Friday night, Beaton became the first woman to independently win for Best Humor Publication. Fresh off of her win, Beaton sat down to give her fans to talk about her life, her work and her upcoming projects. […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Coloring

When coloring, it’s always a good idea to use a scheme that appropriately matches the tone of the comic. One does not color Batman in rainbow attire (unless written that way by Morrison), but rather in the traditional black, dark blues, and grays. Color can make or break a comic, and really helps make the […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best U.S. Edition Of International Material

While the American comics scene is highly regarded, it’s always nice to be reminded of what good storytelling sans superheroes and world-shattering events looks like. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to just lose oneself in a good European comic, preferably translated. Then again, some are still easy to follow if they haven’t been translated because they let […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Reality-Based Work

Sometimes readers want to read a biography or a history book, but don’t necessarily want to look at hundreds of pages of just tiny little words. Sometimes, readers also need a break from the tights and capes. Why not combine the best of both worlds and read a comic that focuses on a subject you […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Anthology

One of the things I love most about comic anthologies is the diversity of the content. Anthologies tend to be a mixed bag of stories and art, but in the end there’s definitely something for everyone. I can’t list how many artists and writers I’ve come to discover in the pages of 2000AD and Dark […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Publication For Kids (Ages 8-12)

My mother is a 3rd grade teacher, and anytime I’m done reviewing a graphic novel aimed at kids that I’ve been sent by a publisher, I donate it to her classroom. I always feel good about this, because a part of me feels like I’m encouraging a small group of kids to continue on the […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Limited Series

While it’s nice to have a couple of ongoing series queued up in your pull box, sometimes just settling with a limited series can make for a nice break in the cycle. These are series that have a shelf life of only a few issues, then they’re off to be collected in a trade paperback […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Continuing Series

Continuing on with the Countdown (see what I did there?), this week we’ll be focusing on the Best Continuing Series category. For the past two years Saga has reigned supreme, salting the earth so the rest of the nominees don’t stand a chance. However, this year just may be the year someone else wins it. […]

The Winner Of The 2017 Eisner For Best Graphic Novel, Patience By Dan Clowes

Previously teased, Fantagraphics will be publishing a brand new original graphic novel from Dan Clowes next year, called Patience. The acclaimed comic creator of Eightball, Ghost World, Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron, Dan Pussey and Shia Labeouf‘s wet dreams, a new work from Dan Clowes is something to be truly anticipated. Patience is an […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Single Issue Or One-Shot

Have you noticed how expensive comic books are nowadays? And when the events are happening the prices shoot-up even more. Nothing I just typed is news to the majority of readers, but it does remind us that when we plop down $4-5 on a single issue of something, it better be worth every cent. In […]

Countdown To The Eisners 2015 – Best Short Story

Welcome to the first article of many, as we slowly countdown to the Eisner awards. I’ll keep this intro short, since the subject this time around is Best Short Story. It can be easy for some to spend an entire issue, volume, or series crafting the perfect memorable story. For others, all they need is […]

The Countdown To The Eisners Begins For 2015

For those of you unfamiliar, I’ve done a somewhat regular column for Bleeding Cool every other year focusing on the Eisner awards, giving my opinion on who should win, could win, and should have been nominated. I’m not going to lie, I’m no Nate Silver. My predictions for the winners were about half right in […]

Eisner Awards 2013 Nominations Are Open

The Eisner Awards 2013 have opened nominations for this year’s awards, to be presented at San Diego Comic Con. The tentative categories include best short story, best single issue, best continuing comic book series (at least two issues must have been published in 2012), best limited series (at least half of the series must have […]

Countdown To The Eisners by Cameron Hatheway: Best New Series

Alas, let us focus on the Snuffleupagus in the room. Earlier this year when the Eisner nominees were announced, one category was noticeably absent; the Best New Series category. Rage was spewing on Twitter and message boards from both fans and creators alike, flabbergasted at the naiveté of the Eisner judges and their supposed ignorance […]

Countdown To The Eisners by Cameron Hatheway – Best Graphic Album

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I got my own mother a copy of Crossed. Since then she has disowned me, and called me ‘ungodly’ and ‘an accident’. Maybe I’ll just stick to the flowers and chocolates next year. This week we’ll be looking at Best Graphic Album, both New and Reprinted. If you need a […]

FREE: The Eisner-Nominated Princeless #1

It’s been nominated for an Eisner. Twice. The trade paperback collection is coming. Soon. I’ll be buying a copy for my daughters. Both of them. And now, here is the first issue, complete, for free on Bleeding Cool. Princeless from Action Lab Comics. by Jeremy “The Order of Dagonet” Whitley and M. Goodwin. Still waiting for […]