'Nailed It!' Season 3

‘Nailed It!’ Season 3: Netflix’s Kitchen Crime Scene Series Returns for Another Baked Goods Beatdown [SPOILER REVIEW]

Comedian Nicole Byer and co-host/chef Jacques Torres are back with a third season of Netflix‘s Nailed It!, and let’s face it: if you watched the previous two+ seasons, there is absolutely no expectation for the masterpiece baking creations to look great. Instead, this season delivered cakes that resembled reproductive organs, missing limbs, osteoporosis, and headless […]

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Figures 33

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Adventure Figures Are Amazing, And Kid Approved!

Forces of Destiny is one of the bigger Star Wars initiatives Lucasfilm has attempted since they were acquired by Disney in 2012. Well, besides relaunching the Live-actin films and doing away with the EU. Arguably though, this is the most important. Through a series of online short cartoons (which will air on the Disney Channel […]

Ken Doll Gets A Modern Makeover From Mattel, Love That Man Bun!

The Ken doll has remained (largely) unchanged since his inception into Mattel’s Barbie line more than five decades ago. That is to say, he has had many styles of outfits and accessories, but Ken himself has been the same blue-eyed, white, dome-haired dude forever. That is all about to change. Mattel today has announced that […]

Joe Jusko Covers Captain Action Toys

Joe Jusko is the artist for the new Captain Action toy packaging designs. Apparently he was a fan from a kid, and now gets to make his mark on the rent-a-costume doll. Here’s how it al looks!