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That Comic Relief Doctor Who Teaser And Three Deleted Scenes From Series Five

Sorry to those who couldn’t see the Doctor Who Mini-Episode tease for Friday Night’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day telethon on BBC One that Brendon posted yesterday, due to region restrictions. Let’s fix that now. [youtube][/youtube] And since I’m here, why not sneak in a few other unseen Doctor Who bits, deleted scenes as seen […]

The First Footage From Next Week’s Doctor Who Specials

What’s better than still images of two Amy Ponds, a Rory and a Time Lord? We’re rapidly drawing in on the big BBC telethon for Comic Relief, the biannual Red Nose Day for which Britons “Do Something Funny” and raise money for charitable causes both here at home and in some of the most poverty […]

Poster And Airdate For New Series Of Doctor Who – Hi-Res UPDATE

The new series of Doctor Who has its first official poster, and here it is: UPDATE: From io9, this big version has appeared. Click on it a couple times to reach full size. Okay, so it’s the Doctor in America, a tagline and and an airdate. Simple. Moon landing conspiracy nuts might like to analyse […]

Doctor Who Meets An Old Friend, A New Friend… And An Old Enemy?

Filming is currently underway on the climactic two-parter that will close out the second half of this year’s double-barreled Who. Because it’s taking place in a relatively public place, snoops about, and where there are snoops, photographs and videos follow, and where there are pics and clips, spoilers will surely come along too. So don’t […]

What’s Better Than One Comic Relief Doctor Who Minisode?

It’s Red Nose Day, March 18th 2001 and the Comic Relief telethon is on BBC1. You’re waiting for the Doctor Who minisode to play, and then suddenly it’s on. Then… four short minutes later… it’s over. Tears. If only you had a TARDIS, eh?* Well, cry not, because you’ve still got something to look forward […]

What’s Better Than Two Amy Ponds?

If Sunday’s picture of two Amy Ponds wasn’t enough for you, then here’s… well, more. More Pond. More Rory. And more Doctor too. But first of all, here’s a better quality version of the Pond picture. Then we’ll get onto the new image, showing the TARDIS trio looking at… something. I’ve seen these images creeping out […]

What’s Better Than One Amy Pond?

This is a tiny snippet from today’s News Of The World that gives us a very grainy shot of the Doctor Who mini-episode planned for Red Nose Day, the BBC telethon for the charity Comic Relief. Current showrunner Steven Moffat previously wrote the Comic Relief The Curse Of Fatale Death back in 1999 starring Rowan […]

James Corden Returning For More Doctor Who

Last year was the year I fell in love with Doctor Who, some 30-odd years later than you might expect. Despite some pretty poor episodes, the series actually hit amazing new highs, particularly with its premiere and finale episodes. Along the way were plenty of other impressive moments, not least of which was The Doctor’s […]

Nicholas Courtney Passes. This Demands A Five Round Salute

“Chap with the wings there, five rounds rapid” Nicholas Courtney, passed on today, aged 81. The actor is best known for his appearances in the British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, and has performed with more actors playing the Doctor than anyone else (William Hartnell as Space Security Agent Bret Vyon, Patrick Troughton as Colonel […]

David Walliams Cast In Doctor Who

Little Britain‘s taller, camper and in many respects more ambiguous half has been speaking with BBC Radio’s Chris Evans and has revealed his casting in the upcoming series of Dr. Who. Before Matt Smith was cast (and if memory serves, before David Tennant was cast too) David Walliams was a tabloid favourite rumour for who […]

Doctor Who Changes Appearance…

When Richard Piers Rayner was announced as the artist on a three issue arc on IDW’s new Doctor Who series featuring the likeness of Matt Smith, a few eyebrows were raised. Piers Rayner is known for his absolutely gorgeous illustrated style, somewhere between Michael Zulli and Charles Vess, with a real savage edge when needed. […]

The Doctor’s Daughter To Have The Doctor’s Daughter

Or son. This is something that seems as timey-wimey as the show itself. David Tennant’s girlfriend Georgina Moffett is pregnant, according to the Daily Mail. It was previously announced that they were engaged to be married. David Tennant is most famous for playing The Doctor in teh BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. Georgina played Jenny, […]

Wednesday Runaround – Singalongasimon

ContractWatch: Phil Jiminez signs up exclusively to DC on Adventure Comics. ArchieWatch: Now it’s Simon Cowell Vs J-LO/X-Factor Vs American Idol in Archie. I thought this case was settled out of court… DonateWatch: Japanese children’s homes have suddenly received a number of donations under the name of fictional comic book heroes. Firstly Naoto Date from […]

Tuesday Runaround: Put A Pony On The Thing

BabushkaWatch: All the Doctors all inside each other, courtesy of Molly23 on Twitter. GambleWatch: Bet US names The Invisible Woman as 1:1 favourite to die in the upcoming Fantastic Four. They also list The Thing at 100:1. Do they have some kind of inside information here? Or are they looking at The Thing appearing on […]

Another Doctor Who Promo Clip For The 2011 Series

Presumably, Americans need to be marketed at in a different way to Britons, as they had their very own Doctor Who promotional clip this Christmas. If you’re in the US, you can find it on the BBC America site; if you’re not, like me, then you simply turn to YouTube. I hope we do get […]

Doctor Who: Fairy Tale Life From Mark Buckingham

Fables artist Mark Buckingham is drawing a variant cover to IDW’s new Doctor Who #1 in January. And an issue later in the run. But this isn’t either of them… it’s something from IDW called Doctor Who: Fairy Tale Life…

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

1. “And Incidentally, A Happy Christmas To All Of You At Home!” Warning: Thar be spoilers. “This is Doctor Who Meets Christmas Carol Meets Jaws” – Steven Moffat. This is probably the most Christmassy Doctor Who ever. Even more than when the First Doctor broke the fourth wall to his Christmas greeting to viewers. A […]