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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 cover by Caspar Wijngaard Annual #2

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 Review- The Cutest Couple in the Outer Rim

Nokk and Winloss are a pair of galactic beast hunters on a remote planet beyond the Outer Rim. They’ve been hired by Doctor Aphra to hunt down an ancient mythical beast protecting a treasure in an ancient temple. Aphra is working on behalf of a crime lord who wants their own giant monster pet (think […]

Hasbro Star Wars SDCC Exclusive Vintage Collection Doctor Aphra Set

Doctor Aphra and Her Droids Come to SDCC as an Exclusive from Hasbro

Doctor Aphra and her droids BT-1 and Triple 0 are coming to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year. Hasbro will have them at their booth at SDCC for sale in a Vintage Collection three-pack, modeled after the classic Kenner three-packs of old. All three are super-articulated and the set will run $50. Not only will […]

Doctor Aphra #15 Review: A Delightful Hive of Scum and Villainy

Lieutenant Magna Tolvan awaits her sentencing as she continues to have the mysterious Doctor Aphra stuck in her head. Elsewhere, Doctor Aphra continues her mission for the new Son-Tuul crime lord and former ally Triple-Zero. In his sadistic power trip, he has sent Aphra on a trip to retrieve something for him, keeping her hostage […]

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Doctor Aphra Annual #1: The Origin Of Black Krrsantan

For their first Annual, the creative team behind Doctor Aphra gives some insight into the background of the doctor’s dangerous sometime ally, the Wookie bounty hunter known as Black Krrsantan. A pair of free press-championing reporters tracks down Aphra and Krrsantan for an interview. They ask the Wookie about his past, the bulk of which […]

Star Wars #31 Review – A Good Story Aided By Incredible Art

*Part of the Screaming Citadel Crossover Marvel’s Star Wars comics have been among the most consistently good titles in their current catalogue. While much of their super hero output is still quite good, one cannot ignore the high quality of their Star Wars family of titles, especially Star Wars, written by Jason Aaron. With Screaming Citadel, their […]

Gillen Triumphant As Doctor Aphra Wins Star Wars Toy Fan Poll

Taking a cue from Russian hackers in last year’s U.S. presidential election, Kieron Gillen has successfully used the internet to rally voters to make Doctor Aphra the next action figure in the Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Collection. While fake news and stolen emails were the hackers’ tools of choice, Gillen took to Twitter to ask […]

Star Wars Marvel Crossover Gets New Variant Covers

New variant covers have been revealed today for the big Star Wars/Doctor Aphra crossover event in Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel. The whole shebang starts on May 10 with The Screaming Citidel one-shot, which is what these variants are for. I have to admit, it is pretty cool to see Luke Slywalker and Aphra together […]

Kotobukiya Brings Kieron Gillen’s Murder Droids To Star Wars Celebration

Anyone who has read Marvel’s Darth Vader comic or the follow-up series Doctor Aphra can pretty much agree that the breakout characters would be the murderously funny pair of droids 0-0-0 (Triple Zero) and BT-1 (BeeTee). Expertly written by Kieron Gillen, these two became fast fan-favorites as soon as they were introduced. Inevitably, everyone wondered […]

BC Readers Help Raise Money For The Hero Initiative

Last week we ran an article about how sets of Ashley Witter variant covers of Doctro Aphra #1 for Legend Comics / Brain Trust were being auctioned and sold to raise money for the Hero Initiative. I got word from Steven Finkel from the Comic Mint yesterday that with the help of the push by Bleeding Cool […]

Doctor Aphra Variant To Raise Money For The Hero Initiative

The Comic Mint, which you can find at, have just listed a new auction with the 100% of the proceeds going to the Hero Initiative, with evidence of the donation presented on their site. The Hero Initiative ( is a charity that I personally support in anyway I can… it raises money to help aid comic […]