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Marvel Rising: Alpha #1 cover by Gurihiru

Marvel Rising Alpha #1 Review: Flawed but Endearing and Well-Intentioned

Ember Quade is a teenage girl who learned last year that she is an Inhuman. She knows her powers interfere with electronics, but she isn't sure how exactly. After a group of bullies continually harass her, she learns she can make hardlight constructs out of pixel-like building blocks. After these go awry, her power attracts […]

Marvel Rising #0 by Helen Chen

Marvel Rising #0 Review: Rodents and Embiggening

Kamala Khan is on a field trip to Howard Anthony Stark School for Technical Excellence with Doreen Green as the guide. Things are dull when A.I.M arrives to take the students hostage. Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl quickly spring into action to halt these technological terrorists for a team-up of titanic teenagers. So, Marvel Rising […]

power pack

Devin Grayson Is Writing 'Power Pack' With Marika Cresta At Marvel In November

Marvel has released the first of what's sure to be many sneak peeks at their November solicitations, in hopes that artificially dragging out the reveal of what comics they'll be publishing that month will make it seem more interesting — even though that totally backfired with the industry-changing October solicit revelations. Included in the solicit […]

Wondercon '15 – The Most Dangerous Women Here

By Jason Strangis What makes a good "bad girl?" How are female villains different than male antagonists? And why aren't there more femme fatales in fantasy roles and superhero films? Those questions and more were explored during a panel called The Most Dangerous Women at WonderCon: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly. Fittingly, the […]

Gail Simone Brings Devin Grayson, Marjorie M. Liu, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Blair Butler, Rhianna Pratchett, Leah Moore, Tamora Pierce, Nancy Collins, Meljean Brook, Nicola Scott, Mercedes Lackey And More To Red Sonja Legends

Earlier today, Nancy Collins posted on Facebook "Just turned in my first main-stream comic book script in 16 years." Something tells me that an upcoming Gendercrunching episode focused on Dynamite Comics will make for interesting reading. At San Diego Comic Con, Dynamite will be announcing Red Sonja Legends, to coincide with the character's 40th anniversary. […]