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Stranger Things Gets a Prequel Novel from Netflix and Penguin Random House

Stranger Things fans will soon be able to expand their world with a series of novels and companion books to the hit Netflix series. This fall will see the release of a behind-the-scenes book on the show, along with a young adult gift book. The main event, however, will be a prequel novel set before […]

Star Wars Thrawn Alliances Cover

Thrawn Teams Up With Darth Vader In New Star Wars Novel

Thrawn is teaming up with Darth Vader. No, not on TV or film, but in a new novel from writer Timothy Zahn. Thrawn: Alliances is due to be published on June 26th, 2018 from Del Rey. It will be a sequel to this year's highly successful novel Thrawn. That is an awesome cover. The novel […]

"Spoil-Jihadis" Take Down Star Wars Facebook Page

Del Rey have taken down their Star Wars Books Facebook page. And it's all down to the The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe whose plans to spoil the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens Bleeding Cool first exposed a few days ago, before every other media organisation on the planet seemed to pick up the […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Novelization Delayed Amid Spoiler Concerns

Spoilers. We try our best to avoid them and the later outrage when they happen to appear in unlikely places or our Facebook feeds. But spoilers have become a major concern and, according The Wall Street Journal (via Slashfilm), Disney and book publisher Del Rey are taking the extraordinary step of delaying the printed publication […]

Del Rey Gives Us A New Dawn In Star Wars Publishing, At San Diego Comic Con

By Jeremy Konrad When the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe for those not in the know) was shuffled to the side earlier this year and made "Legends", quite a few fans were perturbed at the decision. I have talked to many a fan myself who cite feelings of betrayal and resentment at the announcement. They […]