Dean Yeagle

Cartoonist Dean Yeagle Draws His Character Mandy As Spider-Gwen

Legendary cartoonist and up until recently a regular in Playboy Magazine, Dean Yeagle recently did a sketch cover of his character Mandy done up as Spider-Gwen. The folks at Visual Zen Advocate were on hand at this years San Diego Comic Con to film it and poster it on Youtube. Nine years ago I got […]

Playboy Now Does Away With Cartoons…

We'd heard about the changes to Playboy Magazine, the elimination of nudity. This was met with mixed reactions at best. But we now get word that they will be eliminating something else the magazine is well known for… the cartoons. And I don't mean just nudity in the cartoons, I the cartoons all together are […]

Things To Do In Los Angeles Saturday If You Like Comics And Stan Sakai

CAPS, the Comic Arts Professional Society was the initial group to start putting together fundraising to help artist Stan Sakai and his wife Sharon. The response from the call to help grew and grew until Dark Horse took on publishing The Sakai Project. Now Caps is organizing a signing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles […]