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Sunday Trending Topics: Rebooting In Realtime

Is this the first comic company-wide realignment to take place during the social media era? I think you could probably say that. It’s starting to feel a little bit like the 2004 election with everybody on the internet for real for the first time during an election and pols and mainstream media figuring it out […]

Monday Trending Topics: Batman Family

Today’s DC Relaunch news was largely about Batman and related titles, and there was plenty of controversy along the way.  Bleeding Cool also told you about George Perez on Superman, Jeff Lemire on Animal Man, and lots of other stuff.  Definitely another manic monday in comics news, so let’s get caught up: Most-Read DC-Relaunch Stories […]

Friday Trending Topics: X-Men First Class Beats Thor’s Midnight Opening

In the middle of a very DC-centric week, there’s still been an awful lot of excitement about the US opening of X-Men First Class. Brendon told you this was a good movie a couple weeks ago, and it seems that pretty much everyone agrees with him. And with the acclaim comes some controversy as well, […]

Party Power Lantern

Thursday Trending Topics: Party Power Lantern

Yeah, I think it’s probably been a pretty fun week to work at DC Comics. And really, it’s been an interesting week in the industry in general.  Just today we had Valiant in the news everywhere, Archie in the news, lots of talk about Fear Itself, and of course — more DC Relaunch news. [blackbirdpie […]

DC Relaunch Roundup: Don’t Call It A Comeback

They’ve been here for years.  And… well, you can make up the rest yourself.  Here’s an updated list of Bleeding Cool’s (Don’t Call It A) Reboot Stories: DC Relaunch “Not A Reboot” – Holding The Line, Variants, 72% Discounts He promises a retailer tour from DC Comics across the US. That DC will after all […]

DC Relaunch “Not A Reboot” – Holding The Line, Variants, 72% Discounts

DC Senior VP Sales, Bob Wayne, has sent a new letter to retailers; To our comics retail partners, See? He promises a retailer tour from DC Comics across the US. That DC will after all hold the line at $2.99 on print and digital, dropping to $1.99 digital after four weeks, with $3.99/$2.99 on oversized […]

Wednesday Trending Topics: Now With 30% More Non-Reboot News Added!

Is there anything happening in the wonderful world of comics besides #dcreboot? Of course there is — Fear Itself, Captain America, X-Men First Class still looming, and of course most importantly of all, it was Comic Day. Even so, DC owned the news cycle for the second straight day, something BC trendwatchers will recall they […]

DC Relaunch: Grifter #1

Bleeding Cool understands that the DC Relaunch will also bring back a number of Wildstorm titles, as part of the new DC Universe. Jim Lee’s Wildstorm studio and books were closed down at the end of last year, the licensed and creator owned titles shifted to DC, the staff moved to DC Digital and the […]

DC Relaunch: My Greatest Adventure #1

The Weird Worlds series from DC featured three strips, including Tanga by Kevin Maguire which was planned as a twelve parter – even if Weird Worlds was only six issues long. Well now we know where the remaining six chapters will appear. In the last issue of Weird Worlds, out today, it states that two […]

DC Relaunch: The Morning After The Night Before (UPDATE)

Morning, morning, morning, okay, where were we? Oh that’s right, the relaunch of the DC Universe. Mark Seifert ably held the site together, last night, as Bleeding Cool received its greatest traffic to date, two years to the day after it began. One theme over the last year at Bleeding Cool has been what DC […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Non-Reboot Edition (Or: The Week Is Just Getting Started)

It was actually a pretty eventful day even before Rich set this fateful news chain reaction into motion here about 14 hours ago.  And there are Things Happening in Marvel’s Fear Itself.  And X-Men: First Class opens in the US on Friday.  What could possibly happen next? Most-Read Comic Stories Not Involving DC Reboot Today: […]

DC Relaunch: Bob Wayne Talks To Retailers About Day-And-Date Digital

Bob Wayne, Senior Vice President of Sales at DC Comics, has written to comic book retailers today, outlining much of what Bleeding Cool has been telling you, as well as addressing all DC books going day-and-date-digital. He writes; A LETTER ON THE DC UNIVERSE AND SEPTEMBER 2011 To our comics retail partners, In the time […]