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DC Comics Has a Back-Up For 5G - and It's Called Black Label?

DC's 5G Comics Still Going Full Steam Ahead – Launch in October?

The departure of Dan DiDio as DC Publisher over the weekend has left many wondering what this might mean for the planned 5G/Generation Five relaunch of the DC Universe. Which would have Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana and the rest aged out of their roles and replaced with new characters under old names, gathering a […]


"Batwoman" Season 1 "Drink Me": We Figured It Wasn't The Cereal… [PREVIEW]

This week's episode of The CW's Batwoman finds Kate aka Batwoman (Ruby Rose) dealing with the fallout from having chosen Beth over Alice (Rachel Skarsten) – only for the "final decision" to be taken out of her hands. So that doesn't exactly leave her in a good place heading into this week's episode "Drink Me." […]

DC Moves Comic Store LED Sign Inserts Back To $25 a Year

Last year, DC Comics launched a new advertising/promotional feature/device for comic book stores. An LED frame to be hung in, or outside of, stores, that would come with a new topical insert every three months, promoting DC Comics product in an attractive fashion. The offered image changed every three months and retailers will had the option […]

More Comics Industry Reaction to Dan DiDio Leaving DC

More Comics Industry Reaction to Dan DiDio Leaving DC

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Dan DiDio was no longer Publisher of DC Comics. We learnt further details of how it happened, how it went down at ComicsPRO and finally the reasons why he had been fired. DiDio has not provided any public comment, but he did update his cover photo twice on […]

Funko Pop New York Toy Fair Reveals - Harry Potter and Flintstones

Funko Pop New York Toy Fair 2020 Reveals – "Wonder Woman 84"

To no surprise, Wonder Woman 84' will be getting its own wave of Funko Pops. This wave was announced at New York Toy Fair and it looks pretty amazing. The only down sight of this set is it is pretty much the same mold with slightly different modifications. Funko seemed to be obsessed with Princess […]

So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?

So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop that Dan DiDio had gone at DC Comics. He was probably my favourite comic book publisher. I often didn't agree with his publishing decisions, (who does with anyone's?), but I enjoyed his company and his presence immensely. Also that he would 'play the game' – he understood Bleeding […]

Preview of Nightwing Vs The Joker in Nightwing #70

Bleeding Cool looked at the Joker-iffic conclusion to this week's Nightwing #69. And now we get a look at Nightwing #70, leading into The Joker War, up for FOC this weekend. How will Ric interact with The Joker when he's not quite sure which one of his two memories is the real one, and exactly […]

Comic Book Industry Reacts To… The Departure of Dan DiDio From DC Comics

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran the scoop today that DC Publisher Dan DiDio had gone at DC Comics. Reaction was swift. Here's how a few comic book professionals reacted to the news. So @bleedingcool is reporting that Dan DiDio is no longer affiliated with DC Comics. I liked Dan very much. We disagreed on a […]

Dan DiDio

Dan DiDio No Longer Publisher of DC Comics, As Of Today

Whether he was quit, fired, or pushed out, we don't yet know. We may never know. But Bleeding Cool can confirm that Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics is no longer publisher of DC Comics. He is gone from the company, as of today. Whatever happened, happened fast. Bleeding Cool has confirmed with a number […]

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"Harley Quinn" Isn't Wasting Any Time Storming Back for Season 2

With Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) tying up the first season of the DC Universe series named in her honor with a bloody little bow (with some unsightly "cliffhangers" sticking out), the streaming service isn't waiting for the final credits to role on "The Final Joke" (which we still need to watch – no spoilers!) to […]

Watch For Those DC's From Beyond The Unknown 100-Page Giant #1 Credits…

Early in the week, Bleeding Cool ran the content pages for the DC 100-Page Giant, From Beyond The Unknown #1, out in Walmart now, and up for FOC and out in comic stores in a month's time. And they have now officially released the contents. But there seems to be a disparity. DC reports, under […]

DC Comics to Give Away Joker and Catwoman Masks for 80th Anniversaries

DC Comics are sending out free paper masks of Catwoman and Joker over the decades for their 80th Anniversary titles. The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 and Catwoman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 are both out this April, and Ryan Sook has drawn masks to match with die-cut holes for eyes, and […]

Punchline: DC Comics vs Antarctic Press Vs Bronx Heroes

Punchline is the name of The Joker's new girlfriend, and her first appearances are driving eBay prices to increase levels of madness ahead of Batman #89 this week and Hell Arisen #3 the week afterwards. But she's not the only Punchline in comics and not everyone is happy about it. On February 10th, shortly after […]


"DMZ": Ava DuVernay Signals First Day of Shooting on HBO Max Series Pilot

Ava DuVernay's upcoming series adaptation of Vertigo comic DMZ is climbing up our list of series to keep our eyeballs on if it gets the greenlight, so today's update from DuVernay was exactly the kind of thing we'd been waiting for. Taking to Twitter, the writer-director-producer posted an official notification that shooting was underway – […]

Harley Quinn, and Other Heroines Get 2nd Edition Kotobukiya Statues

Harley Quinn, and Other Heroines Get 2nd Edition Kotobukiya Statues

Birds of Prey finally had its debut as it was not a bad flick in my opinion. The fight scenes were awesome and we got to see more DC heroines get their big screen appearance. Kotobukiya knows all about these and it seems they are celebrating by giving some of their iconic statues 2nd editions. […]