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[CinemaCon 2019] New Dark Phoenix Standees Has Jean Grey Standing Tall

A new CinemaCon means a whole bunch of new standees from upcoming movies. This is the place for new standees after all. Despite the fact that Fox does not have a presentation this year there was plenty of Dark Phoenix on the show floor. There was a standee version of the poster. There is also […]

Jean Grey Screams in a New Dark Phoenix Poster

The fate of the X-Men might be a bit up in the air these days but that doesn’t mean that Fox/Disney isn’t doing some promotion in the meantime. That promotion comes from WonderCon this weekend and a big panel they are hosting. When these panels happen it’s very common for fans to get some sort […]

Dark Phoenix Star Sophie Turner Throws Shade at X-Men: The Last Stand

There are several low hanging fruits when it comes to the superhero genre. One of the big ones is X-Men: The Last Stand and the way they botched the Dark Phoenix Saga which is one of the best-known stories in the X-Men canon. Fox decided that they wanted to do do it all over again […]

Simon Kinberg Says Future Mutant Movies are “Being Evaluated” Post-Disney Merge

Simon Kinberg is no stranger to the previously Fox-owned Marvel Mutant Movieverse, having been a part of pretty much all of the X-Men films from the beginning, including directing the next one due out, Dark Phoenix. Theoretically, that means he’d be in a position to know what the future of those still-on-the-slate (kinda) titles may be, like […]

New Dark Phoenix Trailer Teases How Jean Becomes the Phoenix

A new trailer for Dark Phoenix has appeared online. It appears to have been posted by 20th Century Fox Signapore youtube channel and features some new footage we haven’t seen before. The big one is that this trailer appears to show how Jean comes into contact with the Phoenix Force and why the X-Men are […]

2nd ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Hits Following New Clip

Earlier this week, we got word that a new trailer for Fox’s upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix was coming any day. Yesterday, a new poster was released, along with confirmation that the trailer would be coming along with Jessica Chastain‘s stop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Chastain showed off the new poster while on the show, […]

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster, Trailer Coming Wednesday!

It sounds like we’ve got a drop date for that newly-rated Dark Phoenix trailer, and it’ll be this week! Yesterday, it was revealed that a second full-length trailer for Simon Kinberg‘s upcoming X-Men film Dark Phoenix had just been rated, and was expected to release sometime this week. The official X-Men Movies Twitter account just released a brand-new poster […]

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Rated, Drop Expected Any Day

Fans of Fox’s X-Men universe can expect a new trailer for the upcoming Simon Kinberg-directed Dark Phoenix sometime soon. We can say this because a new trailer, length 2:24, was just rated by the Motion Picture Association of America for the film. According to our friends over at TrailerTrack, Wednesday could be a likely drop date as Jessica […]


Fox’s ‘X-Men’ Films Were Never Given a Chance to be Great

When Fox first announced that production had finally begun on X-Men back in 1999, comics fandom was thrilled – and relieved. It was still a full 8 years before Iron Man would break ground. Granted we’d just had Blade a year or so before, but for what the general population thought of as a superhero […]

Does New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Photo Tease Magneto’s Brotherhood?

Okay sure, maybe the lineup featured in the most recent photo released by FOX for Simon Kinberg‘s Dark Phoenix isn’t the NORMAL set of members of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but, what if it is!? Posted just last week by the official X-Men films Twitter account, this image features a pretty beaten-up looking Michael Fassbender as Magneto, […]

Sophie Turner Shows Off Phoenix-Inspired New Tattoo

Sophie Turner is no stranger to tattoos- the Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix actress has several- and she just shared an image of her most recent piece of skin art. Turner has appeared as Marvel Comics character from the X-Men world Jean Grey, aka Phoenix in FOX films X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix. Apparently, the experience left a […]

Alexandra Shipp Talks ‘Dark Phoenix’ Version of Storm

Dark Phoenix could, potentially, be the very last Fox-owned X-Men film we get. With the looming possibility of what the Disney/Fox merger could mean for the Marvel properties Fox holds, this is something many fans of the franchise have in the back of their minds. This will also probably be the last time we see the […]

[Rumor] ‘Dark Phoenix’ $200 Million Budget Due to Reshoots?!

It’s no secret that Fox’s upcoming Dark Phoenix has had some…difficulties. Pushed back twice–once for reshoots, once for…we’re still not sure–the Simon Kinberg-directed feature could very well be the last of the Fox Marvel X-Men films. We say that because of course with the Disney/Fox merger looming, things will change for the Marvel-ous properties Fox has maintained […]

An International Teaser Trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ Hits

Usually, an international trailer or teaser trailer for a big studio release will have some new footage, a different take, or a different song- but this new teaser for FOX’s upcoming Dark Phoenix doesn’t have any of that, really. Its more of the same (which isn’t bad), with a skin of subtitles: https://youtu.be/3W4Vi94FT6s Back in […]

Nightcrawler Looks [badly] Photoshopped in New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Image

Before you get all up in our comments about “ITS A MOVIE, IT’S A PROMO IMAGE, IT’S NOT DONE YET” yadda yadda- we know.  That said though, doesn’t the lighting on Kodi Smit-McPhee in this new Dark Phoenix image look…no so great? Like he was added as an afterthought? True, this isn’t the greatest image we’ve gotten from […]

‘Dark Phoenix’ Sets Yet Another New Tone for ‘X-Men’ Franchise

Despite some hiccups on the journey to the big screen, director Simon Kinberg feels his upcoming directorial debut Dark Phoenix will do something special with the X-Men franchise at FOX- setting yet another tone. In a recent interview during Brazil Comic Con (CCXP), Kinberg spoke about the history of the X-Men film franchise at FOX, how it’s evolved over […]