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Iron Fist #4 Review: A Grand Homage To Kung Fu Flicks

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins' Iron Fist is a fantastic palate-cleanser after the misfire that was Marvel's Iron Fist Netflix series — while I don't think it's as bad as many say, I do feel that the series could have been a lot better. In Iron Fist #4, Brisson shows a great comprehension of what this […]

Iron Fist

Madam Gao Is From K'un L'un And Other Bits From The Iron Fist Red Carpet

We're two weeks past the premiere of Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix, a show many critics hated, many fans like and has become the most binge-watched series on the streaming service. There was a red carpet event for the series and the cast was interviewed by Marvel, each giving some insights into their characters. Finn […]

There's A Reason The Fight Scenes In Iron Fist Are Getting Panned

One of the main criticism against Marvel Iron Fist is focused on the martial arts. Finn Jones is being knocked for his martial arts skills and lots of folks are pointing to AMC's Into The Badlands as an example of good TV martial arts. There are even folks counting the number of cuts in each […]

Iron Fist

Iron Fist Is One Of The Top Marvel / Netflix Series… Despite The Critics

It is very difficult to figure out just how well a Netflix series does because the company does not release their viewership numbers. But there are third party companies like Parrot Analytics that uses P2P sharing, social chatter and streaming video to track viewership. They also filter out the different between positive and negative social chatter […]

A Better Look At [Spoiler] From Marvel's Iron Fist

Spoiler-ish article if you haven't seen Marvel's Iron Fist. . . . . When Danny Rand goes to Bakuto's office so the sensi can explain how he knows so much about the Iron Fist, he shows Danny black and white footage of another Iron Fist in action. They don't come out and say who this […]

Marvel's Iron Fist… Focusing On The Whole

I finished all 13 episodes of Marvel's Iron Fist and figured I should come back and share my thoughts on the series as a whole. I will do my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but it would be impossible to talk about the series without giving some things away. So take that […]

Marvel's Iron Fist… The Lost Little Boy

I've taken in another four episodes, putting me at the beginning of episode 9, and thought I would share my thoughts again. This could be called Enter: Claire, because episode five is when we first get to see Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), who brings an amazing strength to each of the Netflix series she has […]

Marvel's Iron Fist… Ignore The Critics, Judge For Yourself

Over the last week we've been seeing horrible review after horrible review for Marvel's Iron Fist based on the six episodes that Netflix released to critics. Headlines read that Marvel had made their first misstep and that slow, boring and down right bad. It's funny for me to say this, being that I basically review […]

Iron Fist The Living Weapon: Rage – 24 Trades of Christmas

Growing up, I had a special affinity towards Iron Fist. We shared a first name, we were both blond kids and I was the right age to be swept off and trained in the mythical city of K'un Lun. I enjoy his adventures when he's with Luke Cage or anyone else… but I always preferred […]

To Mystic Or Not To Mystic – Marvel's Question On Iron Fist

Marvel Studios deal with Netflix seems to be rolling along well. They're already preparing for a second season of Daredevil with plans to include the Punisher. Jessica Jones has shed her AKA and is already filming. Luke Cage has a lead and the writers are halfway through breaking out the season. So has anyone noticed […]