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George Mann’s Newbury and Hobbes Comes to Comics at Titan in September

If you only read books with pictures, you may be familiar with George Mann’s work on Titan’s Warhammer, Dark Souls, and Doctor Who comics. Now, Mann is bringing his steampunk mystery novel series (a novel is like a comic without the pictures) Newbury and Hobbes to Titan in comic book form to celebrate the series’ 10th […]

Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38

Tony Lee talked about running the comic book side of the London Film And Comic Con on Bleeding Cool yesterday. Well, it seems that I am going to be giving him an even greater headache. I will be at the London Film And Comic Con as a guest. I’ll have a table and everything. But it […]

Dan Boultwood And George Mann’s Newbury And Hobbes For Titan Comics

Courtesy of Titan Comics’ previews…. Newbury & Hobbes is a series of steampunk detective novels written by George Mann for Titan Books. Supernatural steampunk adventures of detective duo, Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes in dark and dangerous Victorian London. Along with Chief Inspector Bainbridge, Newbury & Hobbes will face plague revenants, murderous peers, mechanical beasts, tentacled […]

Tony Lee And Dan Boultwood’s Baker Street Irregulars Hits The Stage

The Baker Street Irregulars is a comic book by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, published by Hachette but now out of print. That hasn’t put of its fans however, and the series has now been adapted into a Milwaukee stage play. In October, the Todd Wehr Theater will be putting on Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street […]

Sally Of The Wasteland And It Came! Get Titan Comics Trailers At NYCC

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9jnm0dAnEk[/youtube] Yesterday, at New York Comic Con, Titan Comics showed off a heady new line of titles. But they also showed off a couple of videos, one trailing the grindhouse comic Sally Of The Wasteland by Victor Gischler and Tazio Bettin and another my own personal favourite, It Came! by Dan Boultwood…  

Dan Boultwood – It Came To Titan Books

A few months ago, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the British comic book artist Dan Boultwood and his rather oustanding work that hadn’t found a publisher. Well, it found a publisher. Titan Books. Look for some of this, and more, later in 2013. It’s not alone either, the recent Once Upon A Time Machine […]

Daniel Boultwood, For Hire

Dan Boultwood is a fantastic cartoonist and comics artist, working on titles such as Danger Academy, Hope Falls, Baker Street Irregulars and the like. He’s got a cartoony, stylistic approach that I rather adore, and I consider him one of the best untapped comic book creators out there. Between paying projects he’s working on this British […]

Danger Academy Cartoon In Development For US Television

Danger Academy is a comic book by the familiar team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood for Kickstart. It’s been featured om Bleeding Cool a few times, just not on the right hand side of the site. It’s here today because I understand that Kickstart are developing Danger Academy with a Hollywood writer/producer for American […]

PREVIEW: Danger Academy #1 by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood

Fresh from Kickstart, from the Bleeding Cool favourite team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, comes Danger Academy. Harry Potter-meets-James Bond, that kind of thing, with a certain subtle family tree of international espionage. The first book is out in December, but here’s a sizeable preview to whet your appetite. Say, Brella couldn’t possibly be […]

Future Films Options Tony Lee And Dan Boultwood’s Hope Falls

Bleeding Cool, understands that the supernatural mystery comic Hope Falls, by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood has been optioned by Future Films, one of the production companies behind such recent films as The American and The Eagle, with an eye to starting production in the near future. Hope Falls is a comic about a girl […]

Tony Lee And Dan Boultwood’s Danger Academy

The cover to the first Danger Academy, out in December 2011 from Kickstart Entertainment, as seen at the Birmingham Comics Con today. The Gloom, also by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood will be published by Arcana in early 2012… Also, Mark Millar didn’t make it to Birmingham Comic Con because he had the flu, which […]

Preview: Spirit Of Hope

I’ve written a short one page piece with artist Mike Collins for the upcoming Spirit Of Hope anthology from Comic Book Alliance, to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Edited by Alan Cowsill, Spirit of Hope has two covers, one by Jimmy Broxton, the other by Mike Allred. Creators […]

Katie’s Beautiful Friend Andrew Goes To MCM, Hobnobs With Comics Types

Channel 4 have produced a series called Katie: My Beautiful Friends. Here is their official blurb: Katie Piper sets out on an extraordinary journey to use her personal experience to help rebuild the lives and confidence of people like her who are fighting for normality while living with a disfigurement. Piper’s personal experience, if you […]

Phoenix Rises From The Ashes Of The DFC

At a party this afternoon, here in my native Oxford, the next incarnation of kid-friendly comic The DFC was announced. With the continued collaboration of Phillip Pullman, Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Paul Duffield, Emma Vicelli and other creators from the comic’s first iteration, this new publication will continue the DFC mission of quality, non-licensed strips […]

The Gloom 2005 Vs 2011. Who’ll Win? There’s Only One Way To Find Out…

The Tony Lee/Dan Boultwood comic book, The Gloom, has gotten a revamp for MTV Comics. This we know. Being redrawn by the original artist, as the original nart files are gone, and he’s not happy enough with his earlier work anyway. So he’d probably hate to see his old work directly compared side by side […]