Social Media Reacts To… Alan Moore On Crossed

So, yesterday, Bleeding Cool’s owner Avatar Press announced a thing. The French were, of course, psychic. Alan Moore et Gabriel Andrade vont travailler sur Crossed chez @AvatarPress — Buzz Comics (@BuzzComics) September 12, 2014 And some promised that they were. I called Moore writing Crossed when the first teaser appeared. @Avatarpress @bleedingcool — The […]

Kieron Gillen To Write Crossed, Garth Ennis To Return For #100

At the Garth Ennis/Dynamite Spotlight Panel at Baltimore Comic Con yesterday, Garth Ennis spent most of the time… talking about Avatar comics it seems. And thanks to Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon, we were able to hear one scoop in particular. That X-Men/Iron Man writer Kieron Gillen would be writing the ongoing Crossed Badlands series […]

‘Not A Lot Of Happy’ But ‘The Best That I Am Capable Of’ – Garth Ennis At Baltimore Comic Con On Crossed, War Stories, Caliban, Red Team And More

In the Spotlight on Garth Ennis panel at Baltimore Comic Con, Ennis hosted by Dynamite Senior Editor Joe Rybant, blamed his grim sense of humor on being British. Growing up with Fawlty Towers and watching his own father’s tendency to make dark, humorous statements influenced Ennis, he said. Rybant pointed out that talking about Ennis’ […]

Justin Jordan, Turning The Walking Dead Into The Crossed

Justin Jordan has been writing the Avatar series Crossed Badlands for a few issues now. But I think I’ve just got it. A couple of women have found a saviour in Sutter, a charismatic action hero who has led them to Haven. Something very different to the world around them. Hiding from the Crossed behind […]

Phoenix Comiccon Is Rapidy Approaching – Do You Have Your Avatar VIP Set?

Phoenix Comic Con is only a little over a week away (June 5th-8th), and Avatar Press is going to have a strong presence at the convention, supported by guests Mike Costa of God is Dead, and Michael Dipascale, the artist on Rover Red Charlie and cover-artist on Uber. But Avatar Press are also rolling out […]

When Joan Rivers Browsed Issues Of Crossed At Calgary Comic Con

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool owners Avatar Press at Calgary Comic Con this past weekend, Joan Rivers browsing episodes of the ongoing horror series, Crossed, created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. It’s a big show. It attracts all sorts. You know, I’m sure they’d be a role for her in the Crossed webisodes being filmed […]

Avatar Press Complete Solicitations For June

We’ve got the Avatar Press solicitations for June and they kick off with three different trades: Crossed: Badlands 9, Stitched 3 and Dicks 2. From there the Patient Zero story continues in Crossed: Badlands, new issues of God Is Dead, Uber and Caliban and we kick off an all new series – Dicks: End Of […]

Swipe File: Crossed Vs Walking Dead, Via The Biscuit Game

Today’s Walking Dead continues the storyline from last issue, with Negan’s plan to infect the weapons his crew use against Rick’s crew with zombie stuff. And it seems to work. Although I still reckon there’s a bait-and-switch with Dwight and his assault on Rick. Pick a bolt, any bolt… but that doesn’t get followed up […]

Crossed’s C-Day Starts Here

Today is Hellboy Day and I’m planning to pop by Gosh Comics in London today to see what’s what. But it’s only a precursor for this Wednesday’s C-Day, the annual Crossed celebration that kicks off a Garth Ennis-penned Crossed Badlands arc. And with issue 50, they are going to expose the story of Patient Zero, […]

C-Day Is Coming… Are You Ready To Meet Patient Zero

March 26th we see the release of Crossed: Badlands #50. This special anniversary issue features the return of Garth Ennis and the introduction of the long anticipated Patient Zero.  Joined by artist Christian Zanier, Ennis finally tells the story all Crossed fans have been waiting for… how it all began. Was it an act of […]

Avatar Press Solicitations For May 2014 – Garth Ennis Times 4

May is going to be a big Garth Ennis month for Avatar Press with Caliban, Rover Red Charlie and two issue of Crossed. We also get the first trades from Jonathan Hickman’s God Is Dead and Si Spurrier’s Disenchanted. Add in Kieron Gillen’s Uber and Warren Ellis’ Gravel and you have a lot of good […]