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It's Small Business Saturday – Support Indie Comics!

Small Business Saturday is a salient reminder for us all that the local businesses that surround us need our support as we enter the holiday season. We can take a hard line on things and say we won't be lining up at major chain stores to spend our holiday gifting money, but that's not for […]

Mark Waid Returns To Boom! For…Something

Mark Waid has announced that, after a parting ways with Boom! after his stint as Editor-in-Chief there in 2010, he is returning to the project with a new creator-owned work, alongside a "a dear friend of mine, one of the most revered artists in comics" with whom he has never yet worked before. [youtube][/youtube] The […]

Celebrating Dark Horse's Women In Comics – Elfquest's Wendy Pini Is Proud To Be A 'Tough, Stubborn, Long-Surviving Woman Pioneer'

Since 1978, the world of Elfquest has inspired the minds and artistic bent of generations of readers, and the unstoppable trajectory of its ever-expanding world has moved through various platforms, displaying the full versatility of the comics medium, from mainstream publishing, to self-publication, webcomics, and now back to print in a new incarnation with Dark […]